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It's been a while since I last partied two nights in a row but it was awesome. Although I personally think it's only fun when it's once in a while and not too often, agree?
Last Friday I attended an event called "Boom" which took place at KL Live, courtesy of Manoah of course. :)

The music was actually pretty good. I did not take many pictures because I actually didn't really plan to blog but I guess I changed my mind about that.

I'm actually amazed by the crowd, I really did not expect a full house. When I looked down the dance floor was empty, a few people were sitting at the side, and one guy dancing in the center of the dance floor. After a few drinks, mingling and chatting with the rest, I decided to look down again and to my surprise, a full house. Imagine from one person to this in one hour's time.

With the super cute and adorable Michelle and her sexy black dress. At about 12am we left to Prodigy to show support to Mr. Fluff. It would be my first time going to Prodigy since the change of ownership. Nothing much has changed actually except for the names and the separation between the upstairs and downstairs. 
It was also Yukiko's birthday that night, with that we "bottoms up" with her a few times but she was still pretty sober. Amazing alcohol tolerance.

Here we have Michelle's neighbour who is studying abroad to be a doctor, he just got back for the holidays. All the best! Though I hope I'll never bump into you at a hospital. 

The following evening I went for Yuki's house warming! I was pretty full when I arrived cause I had pretty late lunch, I didn't really get to try most of the food. As much as I would have forced myself to eat I just couldnt. But we had our "lou sang" session. The guys at one corner, and us girls at another. We even added Hennessy into our "yee sang", man... women these days are pretty hardcore.

Other than food of course we had our fair share of fun such as A&W Ice Cream Float! I also tried "DJ-ing" for the first time. Haha! Well not on the real DJ deck but DJ Hero with PS3. :p It was pretty difficult for me, definitely need more practice! Don mentioned that it was his first time seeing someone so stressed out while "DJ-ing" (Me).

The guys were addicted to their Street Fighters and I don't blame them because 'Street Fighters' is awesome! Nate and Ryan really know their skills in Street Fighters. The DJ Hero battle between Ryan and Nelson was really funny. The more advanced the difficulty level, the faster and more complicated it will be. On Ryan's side he was making a lot of noise pressing all the buttons, while it was strangely quiet on Nelson's end. 

After our house warming some of us attended for Mastro's launch and we had champagne! <3. Special thanks to Manoah for the invitation. 
I managed to catch up with some friends that have been MIA for a while. 

With the gorgeous Jennie, first time partying with her. She's so adorable, hyper and fun to talk to. The things she say would make you laugh. The rest of the night were mingling, catching up, dancing and pictures. 
So Chriz has been really MIA lately, i think it has been months since I last saw or hung with him. Dennis is really funny and nice, it was great seeing them both again. :)

Say hello to the twins again! The only twins (I think) in Elecoldxhot. Kaze and Hoshi.

So that's it for my weekend, I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend as well. Here is Jennie and I giving you guys a toast to a better week ahead. ;)

Photo credits: Yeeing, Jennie, and Kaze

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