Pre-Christmas Dinner 2013

4:41 PM

I know this is way due but I always say it's better to be late than never. :p

I mean it's my brother cooking this time and food was amazing, I had to share this post with you guys. Sorry couldn't share the food though.

I'm not sure if he marinated the beef steak, etc but he did the cooking for his 3 women.

Our pre-Christmas meal: Beef steak with long beans and potato. The steak sauce is delicious and it has wine. I love wine and on an occasion like this with good food have to have a few glasses of red wine.
Woodstock's Shiraz Carbernet Sauvignon that is about RM60+. Usually when I buy my wine other than for the taste I try to find the most affordable ones if possible less than RM50 because I drink them more often than I should. But this bottle was given to us by my brother. I love wine because it gives me a good feeling other than the taste of course. Not sure if this is weird, but different alcohol gives me different effect, such as beer gets me all hyper and cheerie, while wine makes me feel really happy and relaxed. 

My brother and mum

My sister and I

I made all of them wear the santa hat just for this picture. Truth to be told we didn't really feel much of the Christmas spirit last year, but sometimes we just got to put a little effort to change things around. It was a pleasant and satisfying Christmas eve dinner, my tummy and I are satisfied. :) 

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