FMFA Pre-Party at Play, The Roof

4:31 AM

I heard that some of you missed the first FMFA Pre-party that took place at Prodigy. I surely hope you didn't miss the one at PLAY, The Roof as well. Really hard to tell cause PLAY was pretty packed that night. The second Pre-party happened on the 7th of March 2014.

Thanks Manoah for inviting us to be part of this celebration. We enjoyed a whole night of free flow Asahi beers. I have to say that Asahi beers are much easier to drink, and I kinda like it even though i'm not a beer drinker.

A night of pure fun and edm, preparing ourselves for the main event which is happening TODAY! As i'm still a little unwell, I've decided to just rest at home one more day and party hard on Friday and Saturday. I really can't wait!!! I hope to see all of you there. To be honest with you I have no clue who are my readers, if you do see me at FMFA please come say hi to me cause I really want to meet you guys and thank you for reading my blog.

Anyways here are just some of my pictures taken from the event. Enjoy. :) PS: Warning, pretty girls alert ;)

Really love the light effect in this picture.

With the beautiful ladies: Julie, Michelle, Melody, and Siew Cheng

Yukiko, Alicia, and Michelle

With my gorgeous model and actress friend, Chelsea. She's really sweet and such a darling.

Putera, Julie and Donovan.

As it started getting late, the room was not only filled with people but the crowd started doing their own thing. Looks like they are already in the mood for the most awesome rave party of the year!

with Ethan Curzon

The rest of the night was music, dance, fun, and laughter. Enjoy your FMFA for the next 3 days everyone!

For more pictures, please click HERE.

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