Never Stop Walking

11:57 PM

It has been almost 4 years since the pass of my dad and from time to time I dream of him and also wish if only he was still around, healthy. 2010 was the worst year of my life because my dear college friend Sandra and my dad passed away. Two deaths between 6 months isn't easy to handle at all, furthermore it was the year of my 21st birthday. A girl can only turn 21 once in their life but unfortunately I did not get to experience that. 

My dad has not been well since I was 15 years old suffering from depression, insomnia, and hallucination. The last six years was not easy for my whole family especially my mum. The moment he fell sick I already felt like as if I lost my father, because we grew distant and rarely talked. 2 days before my birthday he passed away, his funeral was on my birthday, it was one hell of a painful experience, that's when I realise that although I felt like I lost my dad when he was sick, but when he was really gone it's like a whole new feeling. Losing a father is already heart breaking, but his funeral on my birthday, I can't express them in words.

After his funeral I cried every night praying and hoping that he'll just appear out no where, even if he appears as a spirit. I even imagined him standing right in front of me and I would just run to him and hug him. It really wasn't easy sleeping through those nights.

However, I kept going on with life and found something new in life to keep me distracted, and that was blogging. I started blogging again in 2011 and I met other bloggers, attended events, met more people and I love all of it even up till today. Blogging may seem like something pretty simple and easy, what obstacles are there right? Well for me I had issues with my ex and transportation. Since I started blogging I became someone who dares to speak her mind and give her own opinions, a little more extrovert and I like who I am today.


I have achieved small little things along the way and loved every step of it, being on Malay Mail, got a job as a Social Media Executive just because I have blogging experience, received many goodies, attended many exclusive events (this I would like to thank Manoah the most) and more. No matter how hard it was for me but I never gave up going on with life, and continue doing what I love. When I am going through something, going to events and meeting friends and new people helps me feel better. Even when I was working, attending events and blogging is what helped me get through my days. 

So this is my story on how I've progressed over the years and never gave up. Got something to share? Share it at the Johnnie Walker's Facebook page where you can score Gold Lounge Pass to the exclusive Circuit Lounge this Saturday, comment on one of the ambassadors post. You can also win passes by joining the contest here.

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