Weekend Chill Out at The Roof, First Avenue

10:30 AM

It is a weekend, where would you go to chill with your friends? Bars? Too noisy. Restaurants and Cafes? They close too early. Why not head to somewhere open air and not too hot because it's at a roof top? Yeap i'm talking about Stratosphere.


Last weekend a bunch of us went to Stratosphere to chill and spend some quality time. Being a blogger it is a typical habit of mine to take pictures. I mean we dressed up and all, so it would be a waste if we didnt take pictures don't you think so? :p

It was a pretty hot night even though we were at the roof top, but no worries cause we were accompanied by chilled Belvedere with Cranberry and Orange Juice. I love my Belvedere with Cranberry Juice. <3. 
It was a night of pure chilled out fun, catching up with some old friends. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to meet up in a big group to catch up. We even talked about the recent MH370 incident, until today it has still yet to be found. Coincidentally I went to watch Non-Stop the other day and the movie was about airplane. I wonder if that's what happened to our MH370... hmm...


Super love this accidental effect. With Michelle, Yuki, and Nate
Sandy and Michelle
The silly things we do to have fun. Being young at heart is a wonderful thing :). 

Isaac, Samuel, Eileen and Michelle
Sandy brought her brother. He's really quiet but seems like a cool dude. With Jane and Wilee. 

Alicia is really adorable... even the way she speaks, really cute and sweet. :)

We are such typical vain pots. Ashley, Elaine, Michelle, and Sandy.

After chilling at Stratosphere, we decided to head down to Score. Since we already partied at Play on Thursday night (Read about that here), we decided to go somewhere more chillax.
By the way the Score has awesome promotion for March called "March Madness".
- Monday & Tuesday - Buy 1 Free 1 pint (5-7pm), Buy 2 Free 1 pint (7-8pm)
- Wednesday RM3, Thursday RM4, and Friday RM5 for a pint during happy hours (5 to 8pm)
- Twin Bottle Promo below:

Elaine and Ashley are selfies pro. 

While waiting for some finger food and drinks to arrive, Samuel invited me for a game of foosball. Man it has been so long since I played foosball. I'm surprised that I can still do a little of push and pull. (Picture credit to Sandy)

What I like about the Score is that not only are they active with football matches (though i'm not a fan), they also have the three most popular indoor sports in Malaysia: Foosball, Idarts, and Pool (3 in 1).

Nachos, Chicken Wings and I forgot the name of the drink. 

That's about it for my weekend at The Roof. If you have yet to visit the Roof you really should! More info please visit their website: www.theroof.com.my

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