Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge @ Kenanga Wholesale City

7:58 PM

It has been a few weeks since the glamorous and exclusive party, Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge. I'm really glad to be part of this event with Manoah, joining them in such exclusive event together with my other dear friends (bloggers).

We had a slight problem trying to fit everyone in, but thank goodness for wide lense! Bloggers with Donovan and Johnnie Walker girls. (Thanks Kelvin Sing for the photo)

Here we have beautiful, gold-clad Brand Ambassadors as they welcomed guests at the entrance with LED wristbands and bespoke cocktails, adding to the exclusivity of the entire event. At first only Zana's wrist band had lights while the rest of ours didn't. I thought maybe my wrist band spoiled or something, but when the lights came on I was kinda happy. Okay this sounds really silly, being happy over lights? But I guess sometimes the things that can make us happy are these little things. So learn to appreciate every moment! :)

At the event, Signature Johnnie Walker Cocktails were served: JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL™ and JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ -- Black Coconut, Black Strike created by Karl Too and Gold Coco created by Shawn Chong. My favourite drink would be the Gold Coco as it taste kinda chocolatey.

Our entertainment on that night while we sip our Johnnie Walker cocktails away were some of Malaysia's biggest talents such as dance performance choreographed by our very own "So You Think You Can Dance" winner, Cecilia Yong who is also my college mate back in the days. Behind the deck we had DJ Lish, DJ XU of well known LapSap duo, internationally-renowned DJ Jungle Jerry and our all time favourites Jakeman and Skeletor (

As for the rest of the night are the usual socialising, mingling, drinking and picture taking. :) Enjoy the pretty ladies below. :) 
Here i'm with two of my friends: James and Kelvin who are both DJs as well. 

Sandy, Me, Jonathan Yip (who was a lucky boy that night), Julie, and Angeline. Special thanks to Jaz Khai for his amazing photos.  Below are us girls with photographer Jaz. :)

Bump into Chelsea later on. At first I could not recognize her with her black hair, but she still looks as gorgeous and stunning as always. (Julie, Me, Chelsea, Sandy and Jenny)

With Julie. I love her pants-ish-skirt (don't know what it's called). (Photo credit to Angeline)

With the darling Sandy, picture credit to her. May check her blog on the link in this picture. :) Thanks Julie for the photobomb.

That was the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge of 2014. Don't forget to like their Facebook Page to be updated with their current events.

Also I've been attending parties and events via Uber and they are pretty awesome and trustable. I don't feel worried at all even when i'm in the car alone.

If you have not tried Uber, download the app at Play Store and register yourself. After registration key in "uberjosarine" to experience Uber worth of RM30 for FREE. So yes free ride to parties and events. 

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