Prodigy's Redefine Launch Party

2:01 AM

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Mine I would say was pretty awesome as I got to meet so many of my friends again after some time at Prodigy's Redefine Launch Party..

If you wonder if there are any changes? Well it looks pretty much the same as Butter Factory. Before the change of ownership I rarely go clubs unless there's an event, so who was the favourite DJ, etc I honestly don't know. But all I can tell you is, Prodigy is pretty much ruled over by DJ Fluff and DJ Edmund who are both my friends and they are AWESOME.

In the past I never really paid attention to Mr. Fluff behind the deck, but one of the Friday's I attended to show support and I have to admit, he is AMAZING! Amazing as in he really does stand out, and Bo, I'm now a fan of yours. 

Like always, I would like to thank Manoah for inviting me to be part of this event. The show up for that night was crazy! There were a big total of us bloggers who attended under Manoah, but we were all scattered all over due to the crowd. 

But I did meet my girls near the entrance where it is a little less packed. Here I was with my dearest Michelle and Calista.

Michelle, Jaz Khai, and Sandy

Unexpectedly managed to bump into Reiko Ong in the crazy crowd.

With Hoshi Chuan, I took a picture with Chriz Ooi and friends as well but the picture quality turned out bad. :(

Calista, Kah Mon, and Sandy

It was a crazy epic night, crazy packed, music was awesome, met up with many more of my dear friends, but no pictures here. I'll be partying this Friday again at Prodigy, if you're planning to go clubbing this Friday night, come to Prodigy! ;)

Special thanks to Jaz Khai and Prodigy for the event pictures. 

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