A Friday Night at Prodigy (Filth Fortune)

11:03 AM

About 2 weeks ago on a Friday night my girls and I saw a Facebook post from Prodigy's FB page called "Filth Fortune". Now we all know it's just a clubbing theme, it's the same in most clubs and it will just end with music and booze. But strangely, because of that poster my friends and I decided to party on that Friday night, after all the DJ was Mr. Fluff and he is pretty awesome. At the same time, Calista was in KL (she's from Sabah), so why not right? We dressed up, went out, drank up, danced our hearts out, and enjoy each other's company. No matter how much booze I drink, it definitely will not feel the same if you are partying with the wrong crowd.

Lately I also notice that I don't really like to dance on the dance floor as much. Maybe because I dont want some random guy dancing behind me trying to grind me and stuff. Sorry I know i'm kind of a party pooper, but when I party I like to dance with my girls or dance by myself, i dislike being touched by guys I do not know.

When we arrived it was pretty packed partly because of Cleo's Bachelor 2014, a lot of hot people there, both guys and girls :). My friends and I went upstairs seeing that downstairs was so packed already, got a sofa seat (I love sofa seatings, especially if you're in heels).

Few minutes when I arrived I saw my girlfriend Chloe downstairs so I went down to chill with her for a bit. When I came back up I saw a full glass of Raspberry juice which I assumed had some Vodka in it. I took a few sips and although i noticed it was really sweet, I didn't realise there was no alcohol in it till Calista asked "is that my drink?". Goodness! Not drunk but yet so blur. Both of us blasted out with laughter.

With Calista and Arico on the left, Jennie and Chocky.

Calista, Sandy and Michelle

#SELFIE with Sandy, Michelle and Jennie
I love Jennie's selfie camera! It makes my skin looks so flawless! <3 Then we started taking more selfies with her camera, playing around. Funny how small little things like this is entertaining for us. 

The whole group.

Us girls with Mr. Fluff. :)

Pictures credit to: Calista | Sandy | Michelle | Jennie | Chocky

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