A trip to Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) - Day 1

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About a few months ago, in February I went to Kota Kinabalu for a few days for holiday alone. It was my first time flying alone and even so I wasn't scared but rather excited. Of course I had my dear friend Calista in KK waiting for me. I stayed at her place during my visit and she took me around, thanks dear for the accommodation and tour.

I have to admit that I'm thankful my flight was around 6pm because that gives me more time to sleep. It was definitely a happy day as I woke up to my favourite Nasi Lemak Sotong thanks to my mum before I left to LCCT. This nasi lemak sotong is my favourite! It's from a stall in front of Maybank Bangsar Baru, opens at 7am. There are times when I couldn't sleep I would stay awake till 6.30am and head out to buy this delicious nasi lemak. 
One thing about traveling alone for the first time is making sure I have everything because I won't have anyone to remind me to bring this and that. I had to make sure my bag is checked in, passport and tickets are with me, so on and so forth. Thankfully there wasn't a long queue for bag check in.

While walking to the plane, i felt a little lost as I had no idea which plane was heading to KK. Some people in front of me were unsure as well if they were on the right queue to the right plane. So happen they were going to KK too, so thank God, I just followed them. While purchasing my plane tickets I did not want to pay extra just to choose my seat, so it was at random. I was so happy when I got the window seat! :D

My favourite part of flying is during the 'take off'. During the 2 hours plus flight I was bored to death, thankfully I had my Samsung Note 3 to keep me accompany as i played games and listened to music. I tried taking a nap but I was just too excited that I couldn't sleep.

Once I touched down, Calista picked me from the airport and brought me to a bar to meet her two other friends, John and Pedro at El Centro. Pedro is from Portugal while John is from America. They were having some beers and participating in 'quiz night'. I had my first meal in Kota Kinabalu, Fried Kueh Teow. Portion was huge and it was only RM10. 

Once they were done with quiz night we headed to "Upperstar" to have more drinks. I kinda like it there, the food and drinks are so cheap if compared to KL. We had a lot of beers, Calista had her Somersby, I ordered some chips as well + 3 sets of Heineken totaled up to only RM82.20. We were there the rest of the night till around 2am and then we left. I guess it's pretty much my night since I touched down.

Day 1
I was still in deep asleep when Calista knocked on my door asking if I wanted to go see Mount Kinabalu. At first I thought I had to climb, silly me. Her guest room bed was so comfortable that I really didn't wanna get up, but I wasn't going to waste my day just sleeping in because I can do that at home. It was really sweet of Calista to plan and schedule the activities for me, thank you dearest <3.

Calista and her boyfriend brought us to eat Tuaran Mee. I really like it and as I'm writing right now I kinda crave for it. It tasted like fried indomee goreng but using wantan mee. I'm not even sure if the noodles are wantan mee, but it does taste like it. 

After brunch we headed up to the Milk Farm where on the way I noticed beautiful sceneries that I had to snap and show you guys. 

It was really cold up there, I had to borrow Calista's shawl to keep me warm. While on the way there was a little bored so decided to take a #selfie :p

It was so cold till my lips turned pale. 

Hello there cows! There's no explanation to why people are amazed with the cows. Typical tourist thing to do, I had to take a picture with them. They are actually kind of cute, strangely.
I wanted to stand closer to the cows but I was also kind of scared because earlier when I stood closer one of them sniffed me. 

We headed inside for some gelato! Did you know that gelato has no cream? What happened was that I had lipstick on and I ate gelato using a plastic spoon. The lipstick stained the spoon, and usually when I eat ice cream the lip stick stain would come off because of the ice cream. Strangely with gelato the stain remained on my spoon. I guess this is a proof that gelato is not fattening. :p 
I had yogurt flavour. I had my gelato while watching the cows milk. I was really amazed by how obedient the cows were. They would know how to line up themselves and move forward when the cows infront of them are done milking.

After milking the cows are free to go out to play.

While we were there we saw this little girl who loves the camera so much and always ready to pose, very adorable. 
On the way down we stopped at a restaurant because Calista's bf was hungry. I managed to capture Mount Kinabalu from there. It's so huge! Calista told me that during the olden times when people die, their souls are believed to go to Mount Kinabalu, so in other words the mountain is haunted. When she told me that it kinda reminded me few years ago where my friend told me when you're in a jungle or mountains, never use your real name, follow the line, and never follow some random person you see out of nowhere. I mean what are the chances someone else in the jungle at the same time as you but not with your tour group right?

With Calista :)

Calista had to go to the gym with John, while waiting for her I walked around the mall and sat at Starbucks and used the internet. When they were done we met up with the rest for dinner and drinks by the beach. John unfortunately was feeling tired so he didn't join us.

Raj, Me, Calista, Frank, and Pedro.
I wasn't really in the mood for beer so I got myself a bottle of wine :), and also tried walking around the beach and into the water a little while drinking wine. Sipping wine while dipping my feet into the water and enjoying the cold wind. <3.
That's it for my first day at KK. Stay tuned for day 2! :)

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