A Trip to Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) - Day 2

5:13 PM

Took me a while to blog on day 2, been a little busy lately. If you have not read Day 1, here it is! :)
My second day at Sabah I followed Calista to her lunch meeting and had some Korean food.

I wanted Kimchi Chicken or something but they were out :(. So I had Spicy Chicken instead, a lot of cabbage though but taste wise is not too bad. After the meeting I joined Calista and John for some workout. Both of them were following some work out video, the warm up felt like a full workout for me. Have I not exercised for that long? But yeah I felt so unfit! The workout if i'm not mistaken is for MMA trainers or something.

I do not have their stamina, so half way throughout the workout I stopped and went on the machines instead. Okay I don't know what it's called so will just show you the picture. I heard that this machines are really good for cardio and will not hurt your knees.

I had a really good workout and have not worked out like this for sometime so yeah it felt damn good. Love a refreshing shower right after a workout too! Hmm I dont think there was a Sauna or Steam room at that gym but maybe they did and I didn't notice. We headed to the beach to watch the sunset and met up with the rest after :).

It's a really pretty sight, I don't get to see this everyday. The good thing about living near the beach is that you can go there anytime, especially during sunset to unwind your mind. Sitting there closing your eyes, listening to the sounds of nature, the sound of waves, birds chirping, scent of the ocean, and the cool wind blowing through your hair. But strangely there were also a lot of mosquitoes. =.=.
A couple taking pictures. I wish to do this one day with the person I love.

Looking at this picture makes me feel like sitting by the beach and enjoying a sunset with a good book and a glass of juice. :)

That night we had seafood for dinner. Well kinda. The total bill was really really cheap! 
I also tried sea snails for the very first time. Pulling the flesh out was really geli!!! I kinda screamed a little. But after a few times it was not too bad :p. Taste wise is alright, I would prefer oysters over this anyday. 
I also tried their coconut jelly, very sweet and refreshing, love it. Here's the pretty Calista and I. :)

I guess KK is pretty similar to KL, at night is usually bars and drinking. Met a new friend, Hayden who I thought looks like my cousin in law. :p. Had my Martini Dry and Budweiser. I've still yet to taste a really good Martini. :( If you know any bars that serves good Martini's in KL/PJ please do let me know. :)

After our drinking session I did managed to try their street burger (Ramly burger). Not too bad, but KL's definitely better, well some of KL's burger stalls. 

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  1. whoots seems like a good trip to kk! sumore meet up with blogger there! =D


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