A Trip to Penang for H-Artistry 2014!

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One of the most anticipated and exciting event is back for 2014! The first H-Artistry for 2014 took place at Spice, Penang. It was my first time ever partying with Penangites and I have to say it was a pretty fun experience honestly speaking. I would like to thank the organizers of H-Artistry and Manoah for bringing me all the way to Penang to celebrate this event plus the comfortable hotel stay as well as the flights. 

We had to meet at the Subang Airport by 7.30am to check in our bags and get our tickets. Due to my messed up sleeping clock I was not able to sleep, so yeah I did not sleep at all. After checking in we sat at Starbucks and had our breakfast and coffee *I really needed coffee*. Above is a picture of Yeeing, me and Jennie while waiting for our gate to open.

It was raining during our flight and cause of that the flight felt a little unstable that made me feel uncomfortable and a little scared. I did manage to take a nap while flying and my oh my one hour has never felt this short, I kinda hoped the flight was 2 hours so I could nap longer

Once we touched down we headed to Equatorial hotel and straight away for the meet and greet session. Click on the picture above to read about the Meet and Greet :). After that it was straight to our room where I managed to take a few hours nap before the girls, Don, and I headed to Queensbay mall for lunch and some shopping. :)
Elvina and my room were on the same floor and we were just right opposite each other! 

It was a very comfortable room I love the bed! I wish I could have stayed another night just so I could sleep on this bed and also have more bubble bath. Speaking of bubble bath, here's the bathroom :)

After our lunch and shopping, we had to get ready straight away... and then it was time to party! It was such a rushing day even, we had to eat our dinner real quick too... but it was fun. 

Like all H-Artistry events, it starts at 9 or 9.30 pm so if you're early what people would do is chill around outside with some signature drinks and also enjoy the dance performance.

When the event begins everyone entered the hall and continued enjoying the signature drinks and the awesome performances from the stars.
The opening of the event was amazing. They sound checked in a very creative way. In order for the show to start the crowd had to scream their lungs out, if it isnt loud enough, the show will not begin. We screamed over and over and thank goodness finally the event begin with Paperplane Pursuit.
Not only does the lead singer sings well, he sings well LIVE. 

DJ Brooklyn may look cute and adorable, but when she's behind the deck, you can see a different side of her. She was dancing while spinning and by just looking at her I was entertained. I love her stage presence and her music is indeed more upbeat.

To be honest with you, when I met Magic Power at the meet and greet session I felt nothing. But the moment I saw them perform on stage OH MY GOSH! I literally became a fan girl. They have such strong charisma on stage, no wonder everyone loves them. When I got back from Penang, I even YouTube searched for the music videos. They were AMAZING on stage, love their stage energy and presence, I really do.

The night ended with Imma Bleep U Up, no surprise here cause they are just awesome like usual! Love their stage performance as well. At one time all three of them flipped their head back and forth, so adorable. Their mixes are loud, upbeat and perfect to keep the night going till the end.

And the rest of the pictures below are me with my friends! :)
Yeeing and I posing LALA style.

with the gorgeous and very adorable Jenn. <3

Met some friends from KL too, Rexx, Chriz Ooi, and a friend I met at Thirst.

Model and Donovan

Picture taken from the photographer's camera. :)

With Imma Bleep U Up!

with the girls and Donovan

Me wearing Don's cool red sun glasses. 

It was definitely an awesome experience for H-Artistry in Penang. I don't know why but I feel like it was slightly more fun than usual, maybe is the crowd? Or maybe it's the company. They say partying is only fun when it's with the right people. But in all honesty, I had a blast! I sincerely thank H-Artistry and Manoah for bringing me to Penang to experience an awesome event! <3

Pictures credit to: www.jenngorgeous.com | www.yeeingng.com | www.elvina-chua.com

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