Benefit Real Push Up Liner Review

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Just a few more days and this awesome product from Benefit will be globally launched! Are you excited? Benefit's Real Push Up Liner is a Gel Liner in a pen, which means less mess and more control when you apply your eye liner. 

This product states to be 91% long wearing, 81% waterproof, 88% hugged the lashline and 84% said eyes looked visibly larger! So is Benefit's Real Push Up liner really all it's said to be? Well I'll share with you my experience in a bit.

The pen looks like this once it's out of the box, very fun but yet sophisticated looking. I personally like this packaging. :)

As you remove the cap you will see a mini orange stud-looking thing, if your product does not have that, do ask for an exchange because all NEW products should have it. The Real Push Up Liner has a tilted angle like the picture above, and has a soft but solid, and rubbery texture. 

One thing that I like about this gel liner in a pen is the soft and angled tip which allows me to draw any line I want, from thick to thin. I was very surprised by how smooth it actually glides across my eyelid. It's a little harder to draw a thin line with the normal gel liner and its brush, and Benefit Real Push Up Liner does make me feel like i have maximum control thanks to the way the tip is designed. 

Before and after eye liner.

Now is this product really as it states to be?

"This product states to be 91% long wearing, 81% waterproof, 88% hugged the lashline and 84% said eyes looked visibly larger."
I have oily lids and I do perspire under my eyes. I wore this product to the Tiger Translate event that took place at Kenanga City Mall. FIY, it was really really humid at the event, I perspired a lot. I was there from 6pm to 8pm and headed to The Roof later on for dinner, and next to PLAY Club. Imagine wearing Benefit's Real Push Up liner for a total of 9 hours, no touch up, nothing. When I got home I looked like this picture above. 

There were some smudges under my eyes, and a little on my upper lid. But the only reason why it smudges a little on my upper lid is because I have "hidden double eyelid", which means that when I look down you can see my double eye lid, but when I look straight at you the double eye lid is not as noticeable. 

So to my conclusion:

  • 91% long wearing
    • I would say it's okay, I wore this gel liner up to 9 hours and I was in a humid environment for 2 hours, furthermore I have very oily skin, so given that and it didn't totally smudge out I think it's pretty great. But it isn't smudge proof.
  • 81% waterproof
    • Honestly, not as waterproof as I expected. I drew some lines on my hand, when I went to wash my hands it came off a little bit.
  • 88% hugged the lash line 
    • I don't know why only 88% said it hugs lash line, because this one is a definite YES. It hugged my lash line so perfectly and flawlessly.
  • 84% said eyes looked visibly larger
    • Especially for me who has hidden double eyelid, I would say it really did make my eyes look bigger. I believe it's because of how well it hugs and covers my lash line that made the eyeliner more visible and made my eyes appear larger too. 
One thing about gel liners is that it gives a different texture and look to our eyes. Liquid liners are great but sometimes they have that slight shiny finish, whereas gel liners look a lot more matte and sexy. If I were to compare Benefit Real Push Up Liner with other gel liners that I've used before, I would say that this is a pretty awesome product. The way the tip is designed, how smoothly it glides on my lid is really *thumbs up*, I love the concept of this gel liner in a pen. 

This product cost RM100 and can be found at all Benefit stores on 27th of June 2014 onwards.

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