I Quenched My Thirst at Tiger Translate Malaysia 2014

12:10 AM

Hello people! How was your weekend? I did some postings on my Facebook regarding this event, i sure do hope you guys went for it. The tickets were FREE so yeah. It was pretty much a different experience for me attending this Tiger Translate event as compared to the other events i've been attending all this while.

I was pretty surprised that this time entrance is at the car park, kinda unique and something I've never seen before. So thumbs up for this creativity. 

Thanks to Manoah and Geometry PR, we got VIP pass! We had a total of RM75 bucks in our RFID sensor wrist tag which was enough for 4 bottles of Tiger Beer or Tiger Radler, and 1 meal worth RM15.

In this event, Tiger combined creativity, arts, and music together in which made the event very artsy fartsy. I've been to a few alcoholic events before this would be the first time ever they include arts in it... well for me at least.

Look at this awesome artwork. <3

We could even spray paint on this huge bottle! I'm guessing Tiger wanted us to release our inner creativity. As I arrived the first person I noticed there was Leonard. :)
When I arrived I was pretty disappointed in one night, no air cond! It was so so hot! As it is the weather is so hot these days, what more in an event filled with body heat? But thank God I had my Tiger Radler to quench my thirst. I felt pretty refreshed after having a bottle or two. Also I bumped into my cousin! He was working free lance. 

Michelle and I got ourselves tattoos! I still remember when I was a kid I used to love to play all this tattoo stuff. Having this sticker tattoo at the side of my right thigh kinda gave me an idea of where I want my future tattoo to be if I ever get one. 

Here with Michelle and Cindy.

Ashley and I posing with our tattoos. 

Darren from An Honest Mistake bouncing on the trampoline. My friends did ask me to go because I was really scared haha...

When the sky got darker the TRANSLATE sigh was more obvious and much more eye catching. I have to admit is a really creative event this time.

At around 730 to 8 pm more crowd came in and the place was slowly filling up. I only stayed till about 8.15pm as I had dinner plans. I kinda wish I could have stayed longer though because who knows what I missed out!

Manic Sheep was pretty good that night, never heard of them before but over all their performance on stage was pretty good. They are from Taiwan and greatly influenced by the Kills, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine. They play a mixture of Shoegaze and Noise Rock. They were also the last band I saw that night as I left early.

So what do I think of the event over all? It is a pretty cool event, very artsy fartsy, unique and different from other events that I've been attending lately. Although if only it was air conditioned because it was really really hot. Furthermore I was still in the midst of recovering from fever. But thankfully for Tiger Radler, the lemon and fruity taste does help me feel refreshed and beer generally is cooling for the body, so i did feel a little hydrated from the heat. The people who attended the event were pretty cool as well, they participated in trampoline, sticker tattoo, and more. It was a pretty good event for those who want to chill and enjoy some rock music.

Photo credit to: www.michellechow.net

Instagram :@tigerbeermy

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