Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider Live In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

5:10 PM

So last week Sam and Kurt performed LIVE in KL LIVE and it was energetic, lively, and pretty awesome! Those of you who went for it, judging by the crowd's response that night, I guess I can safely assume you all had a blast? For those who didn't go, here are some pictures and a short video of that night. :)

First off I would like to show my appreciation and LOVE to Manoah and Livescapes Asia for the Media Passes! Because of you guys my friends and I were able to have great view from the top, and stood right in front of the stage! Thank you guys so much, you guys are awesome!

When I arrived there around 7.30pm I saw the crazy queue... thinking "oh dear" I have to stand all the way back and down there?
But thanks to the media pass, the media and bloggers didn't have to queue to tear ticket and what not. I met Su Rong while walking up the stairs and we both ran up. While running up I thought to myself... "my gosh is so crowded here", and when we both reached the top.... "OMG".

Too much body heat! I was already perspiring so much while queueing to register. 

The Emcee for that night was Jinny Boy. Look at the crowd! Everytime when someone walks pass the stage, even when it's not Sam or Kurt the crowd would cheer and scream till I almost went deaf. I know you guys can't wait to see them, but seriously? Where did ya'll get your energy from? 

The opening act was Elizabeth Tan, she's Malaysia and boy she sings really well. You got yourself a new fan here! ;)

Just when I thought that they crowd was very energetic and loud, but when the real Kurt and Sam appeared on stage, oh my gosh, it was crazy! The cheers and scream was the LOUDEST for that night. Fans created signs such as "I love you Sam and Kurt" etc. Come to think of it, it has been a long time since I last saw such signs in concerts, maybe because I rarely go for concerts... but it's really nice to see the fans' enthusiasm, so much energy, so much love. :)

With the friends :)
Alicia and Jynn Looi

Angeline and Sandy

Carina, Michelle, and Samuel

Oh Kurt, why do you have to be so cute! Speaking of cute, the drummer is pretty cute too ;)

Sam was hyperactive from the beginning of the concert till the end, except for when he's playing the piano. It was so difficult to get a clear shot of him because he kept moving and jumping around. But I did manage to catch some funny shots...:p cute right?

The three awesome performers on stage! Check out the drummer ;) Sam was really so close to me at one point, like literally!!! I could have easily touched his leg, but I had to behave or the bouncer might kick me out, who knows? :p Gosh he was so close to me that I don't have to put any effort to touch him, was this for real? Or was I dreaming? 

Hello guys... ;)

It was definitely a crazy and awesome night and I would like to thank Manoah and Livescape Asia again for this awesome experience!!! <3. I hope you guys had a blast as much as I did ;) Till next time, see you!

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