Birthday of 2014.

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Okay I don't know why, but this year I really did not feel like celebrating my birthday. Is it because im in denial that i'm ageing? I mean... I would love to do something fun, or something with the people I love on my birthday or for my birthday, but when some people ask me my age, or some say "you're officially 25", I feel kinda negative. (Read last year's celebration here)

It's ridiculous I know, people would only feel like they are old after 30's or mid-30's especially for women, I'm only in my mid 20's and I'm feeling like this? Gosh I wonder how I'd feel when i'm 30. 

Do you remember when you were in college (or if you're in college now), how would you celebrate your birthday? For my generation, it was most of the time clubbing, dinner or go to bars. I don't know if it's because I've attended many events before this that made me feel like taking a break from stepping into a club, but all I know is I wanted a really chillax celebration this year. I wouldn't even call it a celebration since I didn't really celebrate, it was more like doing something different and relaxing for my birthday this year... and this is what I did:


Before I proceed, 2 days before my birthday I went to eat Korean BBQ with my friends... like I mentioned earlier, didn't really want to celebrate so I thought of using this night as a celebration for myself.... after all I'm eating good food with a bunch of great friends. But later on after dinner, they surprised me with a cake! I was really in shock and did not know how to react, I kinda stoned for a while... not sure if I should smile... but deep down I felt really happy and thankful.

It was a Green Tea Red Bean cake, thanks Simon! :)

Group photo! (L-R: Glenn's sister, Glenn, Esther, Me, Simon, Regina, Brian | Bottom: Benita and Arthur)
I would like to thank Arthur and Benita for the pictures.


On the day of my birthday I went to Cameron Highlands, it would be my first time there. At first I thought Cameron is like Genting where you just need to climb the hill and you will arrive at one place. But as for Camerons, they are kinda all over the mountain and are not walking distance from one stop to another... so a lot of driving... pretty tiring for the driver.
While on the way up we came across waterfall. Don't really see such waterfalls in KL so just had to take a picture and of course with me in it :p. But to be fair to you who are reading my blog... here's a full picture of the beautiful waterfall.

People were bathing and playing with water. Would I ever bathe and play with water at the waterfall? Hmm good question... most likely not... i'm too much of a city girl. 

Because we were kinda late... (we arrived around 5.30pm), most of the places were closed. We were lucky enough to see Bee Farm. Look at all the bees.... kinda scary to be honest. 

They sell pure and natural honeys, as well as other types of honeys that can be found in the city... and also some snacks. 

Pick your own strawberries! I rather buy a proper one though to be honest... because their strawberries were really small.

I love the heart shaped fountain, so pretty and blends so well with the greens around it. Of course not to forget the flowers... pretty...

Well... most of the areas like Lavender Farm and Tea House were closed, so we just left. Such a waste I know! We did think of staying over here... but... when we thought about it properly, there's really isn't much here. Definitely a lot of nature stuff... in which is also good especially if you live in the city. It's good to get out of the high rise buildings, busy roads, polluted air once in a while. Weather wasn't as cold as I expected... if I were to compare with Genting, Genting is definitely colder.

On the way down we decided to check out this dutch looking hotel... I thought it was really beautiful... but at the same time also looks kinda eerie. 

As for the inside.. it's pretty dark and gloomy to be honest. But it definitely has that historical feel like as if you are going back to history. Also because I've watched some shows on TV about people visiting historical places and saw ghosts... I felt really uncomfortable. It's all in the mind... but yeah it happens. 

For this picture I had to use flash because it was really dark. To be honest I was really afraid that I might capture something here... and I think I did... ok i'm freaked out now... please tell me is just the flash?

The bar.. want to have some drinks?

There's also outside seats for fresh air... after all the air in Camerons and cold and cleaner. 

Such a pretty garden.

It's really expensive to stay here though... we checked the price it was like close to RM1000 a night. Craziness.


On Saturday night, it was the night I celebrated my birthday with my family... over dinner. So happen my aunt and uncle from Australia came down, so yay! But before that... I was craving for Fried Kueh Teow on my birthday, don't ask me why cause I have no idea... but unfortunately I did not get the chance to eat. My cravings actually lasted till Saturday.. and my mum bought me fried kueh teow! <3

I was going to go Play at the Roof after my dinner, so I dolled up a little more than usual. If you know me, I rarely put a lot of make up... most of the time I just put on concealer, mascara, blush, and draw my eyebrows... oh and of course some face powder to matte my oily skin.

My brother while waiting to go for dinner. 
Take picture while waiting for mum.

While ordering food. We were at this place called 6 to 10 or something at Aman Suria. Their specialty would be Nasi Lemak according to my brother... he recommended the place.
Family photo

My aunt and uncle from Australia. 

My 3 aunts...oops I mean 2 aunts.. and my mum. 

Taking a picture of a person taking a picture of the food.

Minced Pork and Sotong Nasi Lemak... yums..

I think this is Ribs.

Beef Burger.

Overall the food is decently good.. definitely a place I would want to return to again. This restaurant is located in Aman Suria called 6 to 10 Grill (If I remember correctly). Do give this place a try!


I empathize deeply to the passengers, crews, families and friends of the passengers and crews of MH17. What more it happened on the day that I was born which makes me feel heartbroken. MH17 crashed on the date of July 17 2014... I was told it took it's first flight in July 17, 1997... which is 17 years since its first flight. Seriously? What's with the number 17.

Anyways pushing superstitions aside... I truly feel sad about this incident... especially not long after MH370. Again and again so many innocent lives are taken away easily and heartlessly. People can just kill so easily without any emotions and treating it like as if they are killing animals. Well... this is the real world people... it is eye opening for me to finally realise that this world... is already part of hell. 

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  1. I don't even bother celebrating my birthday in a big way after i left university.. haha.. it's just.. nothing much, probably just another day to me :D


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