Glenmorangie Orange Party 2014

5:18 PM

On the 28th of May 2014 I attended one of my favourite single malt whisky, Glenmorangie's first Orange Party that took place at Zouk KL. It was an artistic event as they took 3-D artistic journey throughout the Glenmorangie Distillery. Haze Long, a 3-D illustration specialist created three art pieces that transported guests of the night to the Glenmorangie Distillery in Scotland. Each 3-D art piece also displayed a unique ADA code which revealed interesting bits of information of the iconic Glenmorangie Distillery item represented in the art piece.

It was also a night for me to see my girls! 

Celebrities and party revellers were entertained by Imma*bleep* YouUp that's made from Mr. Fluff, Addic3rd, and Unkeljaymz... who are super awesome djs and awesome people.

Three lucky guests walked away with a bottle of Glenmorangie The Original each. All they did was dia the ADA code the most amount of times, like the picture above. I guess I was too busy partying till I forgot about it..or rather was already tipsy. There was also an animated flip-book that we could capture at the Flipet booth. All you needed to was keep posing-moving around, and when the printing is done you can flip the book and see your pictures come to life! I wanted to take it when i'm a little more tipsy. Unfortunately when I was ready to go capture my moments, they were closed. :(

It was also Yeeing's birthday... Jennie and I showing her some love for her birthday.

And of course at events we will definitely bump into more friends... that's why I love going events. :)
Victoria, Putera, and JP.

Radius, Michelle and Christopher

Bo happily waving while DJ-ing, that's the spirit! I really love their mixes. Will always be your fan!

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