I got a job!

4:01 PM

Hi guys,

As the title states, yes I got a job and I start on the 21st of July! For those who know me, you might be thinking... "you're not working?".... "I thought you were already working".... "finally!".... and of course my sweetheart friends would just say "congratulations!". When I told my girl friend Chloe about it via Whatsapp... she congratulated me and called me! That's so sweet of her to actually call to congratulate me, we chatted for a bit and yeah she's leaving to Singapore in August... gotta meet up with her before that.

When I was told that I got the job, I was still in blur because I got the call when I was sleeping. So imagine, you're sleeping soundlessly, relaxingly, peaceful, comfortable, and suddenly..... *ring ring, ring ring*... okay my ring tone does not sound like that, but you get what i mean.

Me: Hello
Agent: Hey Joanna, is this a good time to talk?
Me: Yeah (feeling worried thinking they rejected me)
Agent: I've got the call from A*****, and guess what you're one of the two who got chosen.
Me: *In shock*... Ohhh... wow... okay...
Agent: Are you okay?
Me: Yeah I'm just....*silence*..... it was unexpected.
Agent: Yeah I understand this is a shock to you because it has only been few days since your interview, but it's good news!

The rest of the conversation.... too long to remember.

But I have to admit that because it was so fast and sudden I could not digest it, and just didn't know what to say or feel. I actually needed a day to get used to the thought and yes I took the offer!

Before I confirmed with my agent, I did attend another interview that was on the same day because I want to keep my options open. I had a great time interviewing with Company O, but yeah I decided to take Company I's offer! Not regretting a single bit...! Well not yet at least... (not till i start work... hahaha.... joking). Who knows I might actually love it there.

Before I got the job
Before this I was working in another company as a Social Media Executive, but left after 5 months... why? PM me and ask me cause it's private. :p

So I took a break after that... and went to Sabah to visit Calista and also enjoy KK. I had a wonderful time there, Calista is such a sweetheart. When I got back I started receiving quite a number of campaigns which has never happened before. When opportunity arise, gotta take it right? So that's what I did... and later on I started applying for jobs again.

I applied for Public Relations Executive role at first because I majored in PR, but when I attended the interview I felt kinda lost. During the interviews when they ask me for ideas I realise I would always go back to social media, so that's it.... that's when I realise my strength is with social media and decided to get back to it... and i'm glad I did.

I guess sometimes we have to go through something in order to realise others...

So yeah that's about... I got the job... I'm happy!

Haha thanks for reading... see ya.

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