Had a great weekend at MTV World Stage 2014.

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Hey all, been super busy with work since mid of July and haven't really had time to blog. You know how it is, you come back from work you're just too exhausted to do anything but to laze. Right right? But no matter what I will not let this blog die, it's my baby! <3

Last Saturday (16 Aug 14) I went for MTV World Stage that took place at Sunway Lagoon. It was my first time going for MTV World Stage so I was kinda looking forward to it SINCE.... raves have died in Malaysia. *Sobs* Really miss rave parties! So I guess to me this was a substitute...also I worked a lot last week, so I have to reward myself. :) I hope you guys do this too... the self-rewarding part... and don't over work. :)
I would like to thank Manoah and Sailor Jerry for giving us a VIP experience of complimentary drinks, activities, and fun!

They had like this fake tattoo thing which I really wanted to do but the queue was too long for me to wait. The whole night we went walking around taking pictures with our friends, pictures with the props, more pictures, and enjoyed our rum. :)

With Sandy and Kim! Sandy was my plus 1 for that night, thanks for coming and having fun with me! Kim's from Singapore. Kim and a few others were in charge of giving people 3 seconds shot, and in return they will get a cup for free. They were right in front of the bar where we take our drinks so it was impossible to miss them unless they moved. But at the event we got to know them and they are pretty nice and fun. 

Here's the other 2 guys who were also in charge of the 3 seconds shot activity.

Here are two of the acts.. Yuna and B.O.B! Yuna's voice is lovely and she was a little emotional on stage, expressing her appreciation to us all for being there that night and to her fans. B.O.B was just awesome! The beat of their music got the crowd going even when it was near the end. Their performance was lively... I was pretty happy about it. 

and well... it was free flow... so... you get the picture. :) 

More photos of us all!
Sandy, Donovan, Eileen, Samuel, Isaac, Yuki.

With all the gorgeous ladies ;): Yuki, Sandy, Shivani, Fish, Janice and Kah Mon.

As much as I love group photos, I love selfies too because they are more personal. :)
It was really good to see everyone again! Everyone is busy with own life so events are the best time to meet. 

Always a pleasure seeing you Allen. On the right is Zack from Singapore. He works with Sailor Jerry... such a friendly and nice man. :)

With the lovely couple! Zana and Don. :) 

A big bunch of us! <3

After the concert we went for the AFTER PARTY that took place at SOJU in Sunway... music was pretty awesome... or was I just drunk? But whatever it was I had a great time dancing my heart out with the girls! <3. To be honest I don't even remember taking this picture.

First time having so many wrist bands... but i'm not complaining. :) I had a really really great time given a hectic week at work... no complains here... Thanks again to Manoah and Sailor Jerry for sponsoring me to MTV World Stage... lots of LOVE! Also you guys should really try Sailor Jerry, good stuff. :)

To those who went for World Stage, I hope you had heaps of fun too! Feel free to share your experience in the comments below. :)

More info about Sailor Jerry you can visit www.facebook.com/sailorjerry or www.sailorjerry.com

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