Being True to Myself

4:41 AM

Hi everyone,

This is the first time ever that i'll be blogging about something VERY VERY personal.

I've been in an on and off relationship... i dont even know if i can call it a relationship. But being hurt over and over and over and over again by the same person is messed up. The promises he makes over and over just to break them over and over.

The one thing WE WOMEN need to remember is to never settle for less! My friend/blogger agent once told me before to never settle for less. But I'm a very soft hearted person that tends to give in... so yeah i kept giving in. It was my mistake, but it was also something I had to go through in order to learn.

Hey come on, how many of us would listen to others? Most of us would experience and put ourselves in deep shit and pain only we will learn.

I don't know if my experience would make a difference to you girls... but i hope it does so that you girls out there won't have to go through what I did.

Never settle for less. If a guy cant tell you he wants you, then let go. Why would you want to be with someone who can't even tell you he wants you or doesn't know what he wants? Someone who does not care about how you feel. Or when you are in pain, he puts his feelings above yours.

If a guy does not put your feelings as priority or care about your feelings, it's time to let go.

Life is really complicated you know? Especially when it comes to relationships. But it's a learning process for some of us including me. This is really really personal to me and took me a lot of guts to express this. I just hope other women out there... would read this and prevent themselves from being hurt.

I was in hell for over a year... cause of this... and seriously there's so much I could have done within that 1 year but i was stuck in this emotional situation. Just trust me... 90% of my friends advised me and I didn't listen... and in the end they are right. So girls... trust me... based on my experience.

Never settle for less... women are loving creatures, we can love unconditionally... so if a guy doesn't treat you right... then tell him to fucking fuck off... like go fuck himself or something. Our time is too precious for guys like that. ;)

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