Alex Goot and Against The Current, LIVE in Kuala Lumpur

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Hello hello! Malaysia Day is coming... yay for the public holiday!

Now... irrelevant to my cheering above, on August 24th 2014 Alex Goot and Against The Current came to Malaysia! *Screams*... yes this post is long due... sorry very busy at work... but here is the compilation of what I recorded at the concert. I did not record the whole concert... just some parts. :)

I would like to thank Skinny Buddies for sponsoring me the Rockstar Ticket! Many thanks and much love to you guys! It was great for Skinny Buddies to even bring them here in the first place! I'm pretty sure they will be bringing more awesome musicians in the future, do follow them on Facebook.

I love love love Alex Goot and ATC, CHRISSY!~
I love the way Alex composes and produces his music, even though some of them are just covers, but it's the way he sings it, plays the instruments, etc (I don't know much about music so yeah), whatever it is the whole thing sounds amazing. When I listen to Alex Goot and Chrissy Costanza duet (I love it when their duet, my favourite), I would feel various emotions that I can't explain through words. Okay you probably have no idea what I'm trying to say, but I don't know how to explain what I feel whenever I listen to their songs or covers. But all I know is when I listen to them, especially while i'm at work, it helps me work better, and makes me feel like "gosh I love this song, I love the way he sings it, his voice, the piano, etc etc etc).

How was the concert?

The opening acts for Alex Goot and ATC were the members from The Ming Thing, sorry not sure what's the name of the band; followed by An Honest Mistake. Both were awesome, AHM as usual very energetic, a great way to open the show.

Chrissy has ALOT of energy and stamina. One part as she was singing and about to hit a super high note, she bent backward, like a half bridge. I was shocked and amazed! I mean, how? You're singing and screaming your lungs out and you did that? Apparently that's her signature move, well a very unique one Chrissy, and I love it! <3

For the first few performances by Alex, his ear piece wasn't working, so he could not hear anything at all. Given that amazed he could still perform, play and sing like normal. I didn't even know his ear piece was not working till i think his 3rd or 4th song he told us about it. He took a few minutes break later to fix that and then he was back to share with us his awesome music.

Of course the show would be incomplete if Chrissy and Alex did not sing together on stage. They are awesome! Watch the video!

Knowing that I often listen to Alex Goot when i'm at work, it felt surreal that he was right in front of me in person. It's like WOW... I felt all sorts of emotions that night as I watched him on stage. I was not only star-struck, probably love-struck as well :p. I love you Alex... hehehe... you made my legs feel weak.

Alex is discussing something... O.O So glad I managed to capture this shot.

They are very talented musicians, like seriously... amazing even during Live. LOVE THEM! Thanks again to my buddy Leonard Chua from Skinny Buddies, for sponsoring me. :D

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