I Lighted Up My Night with Belvedere

1:16 AM

Hello all~ It's MONDAY! Don't let Monday blues hit you okay? Instead, tell Monday "bring it on!".
Anyways on the 5th of September 2014, I was invited to attend Belvedere's Light Up Your Night party. It's a party for all the single people in Kuala Lumpur! The event took place at the high class club, Providence. 

I had a tag around my neck and a free blue teddy bear that disappeared throughout the night. :( I was supposed to give my tag away to the guy OR girl, if you swing both ways ;). The person with the most tags and sticker tags will go up on stage later on.The Tag me! stickers were given to us during registration and it had words like "buy me a drink", "dance with me", "buy me a belvedere", "call me", something along those lines. So yes people with the most sticker tags and neck tag will go up on stage. Winner will win a bottle of Belvedere, obviously. :) 

My company for the night, Sandy, Amanda, and Prissy. Sandy as you all have seen many times on my blog, my dear friend! Amanda is my friend I met during my company's charity event (she's not my colleague btw)... funny how we just started talking and exchanged numbers... and promised to call each other when we party next. Prissy is Amanda's friend. 

Mr. Raj whom I met on this very night. Super fun guy... nice guy... he talks a lot of nonsense which is pretty entertaining... a dancer too. He doesn't need alcohol to dance, so ladies if you are looking for a man to dance with, here he is! ;)

We had unlimited Belvedere cocktails, not only that, we also had drinks from friends of friends... it was a crazy but awesome night! I was tricked by Raj to drink a glass of Belvedere neat, and to my surprise it didn't taste as bad as I thought it would! Instead it tasted rather smooth. As for now, Belvedere is my favourite Vodka. I had a lot of fun. Thanks G2 PR for the invitation... <3
I was indeed a very lucky woman that night, standing in between two hot guys, Peter Davis and Will Quah. Will Quah was the host for the night. As I stood between them to take a photo, Will told me that I look gorgeous...*blush*... thanks again Will. :) 

Well my blog would not have such nice pictures if it wasn't for our dear photographer, Jaz Khai, thanks Jaz for the photos! 

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