Magic! happened... at Guinness Amplify Finale

2:21 AM

Congratulations to Guinness for its successful campaign 'Guinness Amplify'! This campaign went on for 7 weeks at different venues and it was a success! For the finale, Guinness decided to make all their fans happy, by bringing Magic! over to perform! To those of you who went for it, what do you think of the concert? Good? Satisfied? Or were you expecting more?

Well for me, it was a pretty chillax but also star struck experience. Thanks to Manoah Consultancy, I was able to see Magic! live comfortably. I usually prefer space than being crushed in the crowd, personal preference. :)

I arrived around 9pm plus close to 10pm due to work. It was definitely a nice way to de-stress...! Met with other friends, had our Guinness Draught and of course, lots of photo taking. When I arrived it was really quiet though. Apparently they had a break for 30 mins? Not too sure.
with Zana and Janice.

Gorgeous Elvina

With Janice and Yeeing. It has been so so long since I last saw Yeeing, it was really great seeing her again. Still as cute as always.

OJ Law. They are actually pretty good. I didn't pay much attention to the details but sub-consciously I notice myself tapping my feet in a few of the songs.

and it's Magic!. Unfortunately but true, the only song I knew was "Rude". They saved the best for last. 

They are actually really down to earth. I was surprised about that.. they would run to the crowd and interact with them, take photos with them... I saw so many photos on Instagram. Some celebrities once they are done performing they would be escorted to their VIP and whatnot. But as for Magic! they prefer to interact with their fans. I've not seen any celebrities this down to earth before. 

The crowd downstairs were screaming their lungs out.. it was pretty much a full house. As for me, I enjoyed the chillax feeling; listening to some rock music while sipping my Guinness and talking to friends. :)

Thanks to Jacqueline and Li Chuen for the photos. More info and pictures, visit

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