SE7ENTH Premiere Movie Screening @ GSC Pavilion

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Happy Monday everyone! I know, it's Monday and you all are either on your way to work, already at work, or on the way home who knows, depending on what time you read this post. :) Remember to take Monday as a second chance, because it's a new week!

Last Thursday I attended the Premiere Movie Screening of SE7ENTH at GSC Pavilion. The actors and actresses of this movie were present, as well we other local celebrities. So here's quick review of the movie.

SE7ENTH is a local production horror movie. The story is about this group of friends having conversation over lunch. I can't understand Mandarin so I had to rely on subtitles, which also means I can't remember their names (which is good so I won't spoil the movie that much for you). So while this group of friends were having lunch, this one particular girl who is really really talkative and rude. She would make fun of the names of her friends. In other words like to talk a lot of nonsense and insult others. After a while they changed the topic and talked about this Facebook "contest" where if they manage to snap a picture of a ghost and upload it, they will win cash prizes. 

So that "noisy" girl and her guy friend who accompanied her, somewhat being her photographer went to this place that's known to be haunted. Along they way they kept bumping into this guy (the lead actor - i'll call him "handsome"), whom I find very good looking ;). All of them ended up at Handsome's grandfather's old home who is known to have a lot of spirits around. FYI handsome's grandfather passed away, so he was there for the wake & funeral.

So as you probably expected, all the haunting and horror begins at that place. There's a lot of plot twisting in this movie and personally this movie had 3 genres in my opinion: horror, comedy, and drama. Some scenes are kinda funny till you wouldn't feel scared! But there was a few scenes where I really had to cover my eyes and not watch. I think I screamed once. I would say that the storyline of the movie is pretty interesting and I honestly enjoyed this movie. Go watch it and share with me your opinion. :)

 7/10 if you like mix genre
4/10 if you like pure horror

So catch it on the 16th of October 2014! Check out the trailer.

Pictures at the Premiere Screening 

The casts

Hello handsome ;)

While waiting for the movie to start. Typical human beings... everyone playing with their phone (including me).

Selfie while waiting

With the girls :)


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Special thanks to: Manoah Consultancy

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