Your chance to sing 'Rude' by MAGIC! at Guinness Amplify Made of More.

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Hello everyone! The weekend is coming soon and I'm super excited. Never knew working life would drain me so much mentally... I kinda feel like I need a break but at the same time I feel heavy hearted to leave my work undone... I guess this is what stress really feels like.

Anyways... not sure if you have been seeing Amplify Made of More on your social media platforms, because it's a 7 week campaign and it already the 6th week this week! The venues were at The Bee-Publika, Rabbit Hole, Johor Bahru, and more! Check out the venues and our local bands that performed here.

Since it's the finale for Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More, they decided to make it amazingly HUGE! I'm not exaggerating here... can you say it's not huge when the band of the hit song 'Rude' will be performing at the event? Yes it's MAGIC! 
Catch them at Amplify Made of More event that will be held at KL Live, Kuala Lumpur on 18th October 2014! It's a Saturday, don't worry! ;)

It has been a great 6 weeks of celebration and incredible journey with our very own local, talented, dedicated, and passionate musicians... now in the finale we need some MAGIC!.

Unfortunately the tickets for Amplify's finale will not be for sale... but don't frown yet because you can earn tickets for the show at! Isn't that better? Plus, once you've earned the complimentary passes, you may even upgrade it to VIP passes which will include 'Meet and Greet' sessions, and Amplify's very own t-shirt and more! 

Last week Amplify Made of More took place at an open air roof top at Foley's, Ara Damansara. It was my second time here, the first time I went to this place was with my friends.  

My plus 1 for the night, my darling babe... Sandy. :) We bumped into the rest of the girls at the entrance, and this is what we will always do. ;)
Li Chuen, Wilee, and Sandy

Thanks to Manoah, we were offered VIP treatment and had our own table with seats, because the rest of the tables in front of the stage were all standing tables. Much thanks to Manoah and John Paul! :) We were hungry, so they fed us. :p
Salmon...<3 they were huge! I was actually kinda full with just one piece.
Some lamb and chicken 
Satay anyone?

Me with my old buddy Leonard, who is a member of An Honest Mistake, i'm sure you guys already know that. :)

The bands that performed on stage that night were Tempered Mental, Nick Davis, and Dash. I really like Nick Davis, his music, and man can he really sing! Check out his song 'Lost in Time', my favourite. :)
It was a pretty chillax and good night for me as I got to enjoy complimentary Guinness draught.
Delicious food, enough drinks, great company, great music. Amplify... you are really Made of More. Will you be going for the Finale on the 18th of October? Don't miss the opportunity to see MAGIC! while they are here. ;)

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