From Relaxing to Crazy to Chillax Fun. I love my weekend.

8:22 PM

It's Saturday night! I have been waiting for this day since Sunday night, so glad it is finally here. Saturday is my favourite day of the week because I get to rest and sleep in, and party my night away since tomorrow is a Sunday. However, as much as I love Saturdays, I don't want my everyday to be like a Saturday, that would be pretty boring. 

Last weekend, it was a pretty awesome chillax one too. On Friday night after work, I could not decide whether to party or just chill. I was at work still like 10pm, and so happen I was chatting with Christopher. He wasn't in the mood to party and I was kinda beat as well, so we both decided to just catch a movie! Since I started work I haven't really gone to the movies, so if I calculate the time I started work till now i've only been to the cinema twice? The first time after so long, I went to watch Interstellar with Kelvin, that blew my mind, literally! Love it! Last Friday would be the second time, hehe and i did not have any movie that I really wanted to watch, so we just went with the flow and ended up watching Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 

But... because we went impromptu and didn't check the movie timing before going to Mid Valley, we had an hour time to waste! What else to do in Mid Valley after 10pm?

Beer! I was a little worried thinking how are we going to finish a tower of beer? But guess what? In the end we didn't really finish them haha! Gave them to some other customers. The movie was just okay, nothing great, but I was a little high so I guess that's why it was kinda funny for some scenes. Have you ever watched a movie when you're high? It was my first time and it was kinda fun. :)


On Saturday I went for #OhhsomeFest just to see my future husband, Wesley. I arrived there about almost 10pm gosh! But it's okay because I went there just for the WongFu Production. It was kinda boring for me up till the Wong Fu's came on stage. Anyhow, read more about that HERE.

After Ohhsome Fest I went to Capricorn KL to see my friends. That is like the one place where I get to see a few of them and in a way catch up a little. Sometimes when people are so busy with work we have to find alternate ways to "meet up". 
With my favourite local talented dancer. Love his crew! And yeah somehow he likes to pose like that haha! Catch him and some of the Elecoldxhot members at Capricorn KL especially on Fridays and Saturdays. You will be entertained by their smooth and cool dance moves. Really love it!

After Capricorn a few friends and I went to Zouk. I met a new friend cute friend that night. Look at her isn't she cute and sweet?
That night I danced my ass of in the DJ console and had a great time. I guess for now this is my only for of exercise lol... though I should really start exercising.


My Sunday plan was to laze and do my things at home before Monday comes. But last minute Henny asked me to join her for Joe Chia's Fashion Show. At that time I felt thankful that I shop online a lot the past few weeks because I got some clothes to wear! Met up with some other friends and model friends there.

With Henny

Hello Joe Chia. :)

With Henny, Mozart and his two friends.

Us with the photographer Tony who loves to take candid shots and laugh at them when it looks funny. 

That was pretty much for my weekend last week! What's gonna happen this weekend? Hmm...

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