Make It Black with Johnnie Walker

11:49 PM

The last party of the year for Johnnie Walker was the Make It Black which was held on Halloween's day. I started my event with my first sip of JW and straight away jumped into taking photos. You know how we say, "Eat, sleep, rave, repeat?", well it was kinda like that, so it was "Drink, take photo, take photo, drink, dance". 

I would like to thank Don and Manoah for inviting me to be part of this event under Manoah. :)

Performances for the night was by our sweetheart and a friend of mine, Cecilia Yong and her dancers. To be honest I didn't really pay attention to who was spinning the DJ deck or performing except for that loud explosion during the opening. It was so loud I think my life has shorten 10 years, and guess what? It happened twice. Please don't do that again JW:(. However I did notice my friend Leonard Chua on stage, along with Joey G, and DJ Ken.

The rest of the story I'll let the pictures do the talking. ;)

Firstly, wanna say thanks Jaz for your amazing photos. On the right i'm with the champion female foosball player, so glad to bump into you Nat, unexpected but fun. :)

L-R, With Radius, who is currently in Jakarta now raving. I hate him so much because he just got back from Stereosonic and then he went to DWP!!! Radius, if you're reading this.... can't wait till you get back so I can strangle you. Hehe. On the right is Janice, cute and sweet. You have probably seen Bryna on my Veuve Clicquot post, if not please click on the link. :)

Here I was taking multiple selfies to try to catch the light in the hall, and this is what I got. 

Photos with the gorgeous ladies. 

with Zana, she's so gorgeous and cute at the same time. My smile on the right photo was actually a very genuine smile as I was laughing because of her. <3. 

Group photo. :)

and my night has ended. Actually we went to PLAY Club after, hehe. Have a great weekend everyone! And a wonderful Christmas celebration. ;)

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