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Last Update: 13 December 2014

Although Christmas is around the corner, I'm not hinting to anyone to get me these stuff. These are just my list of things that I wanted over the years and till now. It'll be interesting to see few years from now how many things from this list i'd still want. :)

Taylor Swift 1989 album 
I'm not a huge fan of hers to be honest, but this album is really good! hehe.

Urban Decay Naked Palette 
I've always wanted this since years ago! But till now have not gotten my hands on them, no idea why. Maybe because it's too expensive haha! But one day, surely I'll get my hands on you!

Clarisonic Mia 2! 
Still saving up for this one... why oh why are you so expensive? 

BoA - Who's Back Album
I love BoA! Been her fan since i was 14 years old! Always loved the way she danced and her style of music.. <3. Not many people enjoy her music like I do, but I guess this is what makes her special from other mainstream singers, :p #justkidding. Nah different people, different preference. But yes I want her latest Album! <3. Check her out here:

Peaceful and Drama-free world
This is something that some people including me really hope for. Not to say life is easy, so why create dramas to make life more stressful? Family matters perhaps is a whole new level... but i'm referring to some people who like to spread rumours and talk shit about other people for what? Does that make you feel better about yourself? If it does, then seriously, there's something wrong with you. But hey, if it's the truth, is not considered backstabbing #justsaying. I'm talking about creating false rumours and spreading it around like a train. Especially, when that person did not do anything to you, or someone you don't really know but you talk like you do? Okay I shall stop here, the more I type, the more annoyed I feel. But let us all be nice to each other shall we? Hehe... :)

I think that's about it for now. I shall keep updating this list to keep track from time to time, I think this would be fun! Hehe... See ya'll. ;) 

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