H-Artistry Finale 2014

2:14 AM

My oh my... can't believe 2014 is really gone! Apologies all, I know this is way overdue but i took many pictures with my friends that it'd be a waste if i didn't share them. Last year, the H-Artistry Finale took place at the Mines, yeap same as 2013. I'll story along the way as you see the pictures kay?

The finale for H-Artistry was something that I was really looking forward to. Dressing up glamorously in Red? Hey Red is one of my favourite colours! It was a pretty rushing night for me, rushing to get ready, getting dinner and getting stuck in the jam... but i'm glad I made it there while everyone was still there! Okay maybe i'm over exaggerating because when I arrived I believe it was around 11pm to 12am?

Since I was pretty late, when I arrived and got my Hennessy V.S.O.P Signature Cocktail drinks, I immediately started snapping photos literally ALL THE WAY. I felt like I missed so much. L-R: Kylie, Michelle, Billy, Michelle again, Sherry and Ernest.

Say hello to my big bro Mozart on the right. He has been there for me whenever I need him... not only that, he's a pretty popular model but at the same time remained so humble, now that is rare. From the bottom of my heart I am thankful to have you in my life. <3

with my babe Michelle in her gorgeous red dress. Though I don't see her often, but it's nice to meet up once in a while and catch up. :) Special thanks to her for some of the pictures on this blog too. 

With Samuel and Eileen and the boys.... (Jing, Kenzo, and Billy)

Hello to my dear friends. Hui Min, Benjamin Foo (I've known Benjamin since I was 18!), Henry Lee, Isaac Tan, and his friend. :)

It was a great night, I had lots of fun thanks to Hennessy for their Signature cocktails, great performing acts and most important of all to me is always the company of my friends. 

After Hennessy we headed to...... yes you probably guessed it right, Zouk!
With Mozart and the rest otw to Zouk.

and met up with my babes, Natalie and Constance. Overall it was a definitely fulfilling night, not only because of the drinks and music (thought these two plays a big roll), but it's really with the people you care about. :) 

I apologize for this quick and brief post on Hennessy, I just started my work for less than 6 months still needed some getting used to. But for my 2015 resolutions, I want to make sure I blog at least once in two weeks! Thanks for dropping by, hope you'll visit again. <3. 

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