Title: Party of The Century 2015

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The biggest event for the month of January 2015 has come and gone. Having over thousands of people gathered to celebrate Party of the Century in 1920’s theme, it was a crazy night. As I arrived at the party “fashionably late”, I managed to witness a room filled with people dressed in gorgeous 1920’s. Now who said Malaysians wouldn't spend on clothes and accessories to follow themes?

Me and my plus 1. 

I felt like I was going back to time and to be honest, it sure did feel different in a good way. The guys were dressed handsomely in tuxedos, while the ladies… oh the ladies were just gorgeous! They were dressed in dresses and long gowns, 1920’s accessories from headbands to body accessories. Because I attend events pretty often and people often dress the same style, this was an eye opening and a different fun experience.
The performing acts for that night were Paris Hilton, Taboo, 2AM and Mark Vincent. When I arrived I was busy socialising and finding my friends, so I did not really pay attention to Mark Vincent. But him being who he is, I am pretty sure he was amazing. J
Paris Hilton played her song behind the DJ during her time on stage, accompanied with her dancers dancing to entertain the crowd. Fans of Paris Hilton would go crazy for her, but if you are a hard core EDM fan… well her style probably wouldn't be hard core enough for you.
Taboo was amazing! He really brought the house down with his enthusiastic performance on stage. I love how he interacted with the audience by coming down the main stage, and went to both the mini stages at the left and right side of the hall.

If you’re a fan of 2AM, you should already know they are more into sentimental love music which most girls would get all mushy and soft for.

With the Friends
Unfortunately the pictures did not turn out as pretty via my phone…. L thankfully my friends JJ Poh and Radius have an awesome phone for pictures and selfies!
With my babe, the party queen, Bryna.
With Patrick and Radius. Look at the pictures differences! Left picture is mine, right is Radius’ Oppo phone. I’ll always find him for a selfie when I see him hehe…

With my darling Jj Poh.

JJ, Radius, Me, and Patrick! I bumped into quite a number of friends as well… in fact many people I know were there.
While leaving I just had to take a picture with the background and picture behind me because it looks so 1920’s!! I believe since the movie The Great Gatsby I started loving and appreciating the 1920’s style… and also because I like classy and sophisticated dressing style.
Over all it was a pretty good night, to be able to witness The Party of the Century, witness people going all out dressing up for 1920s. There were many celebrities there, walked passed a few Hong Kong artists at the VVIP area. I would like to thank Sidney for the VVIP pass and this wonderful experience. J

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Photos Credit to: Radius Khor, JJ Poh, Adrian Lau, http://tellmewai.comwww.marcsjy.com
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