Goodbye Heroes, Hello Cowards.

6:06 PM

So last night something interesting happened. It was a Friday night, after work I met up with some friends... which I will not name. We went to Brick and Barrels for some drinks and some catching up. Then later on another group of friends came... (it was actually my first time meeting these group of people other than my two friends, so they were friends of friends).

So the first group paid the bill and left halfway since they were there since 6pm (crazy people... :p). My friend (i'll name N) and I stayed on with the second group, one of the guy (called C) from the second group is an old friend of my close friend C who came with two of his colleagues, so we chilled and drank. N and i did not order anything after the first group left since the guys ordered a bottle. Out of no where a tray of Vodka Bomb came to our table. N and I looked at each other with our eyes widened. My concern was that I needed to drive home, so at that point of time I was only concerned about that. So fine we chatted, drank, me being the vain pot took selfies. 

When the bill came to our table, it was about RM600 plus. C and his colleague whom i'll call S for now so generously settled the bill and even when N asked to see the bill C refused to give. So C gave the credit/debit card to the waiter, and I remember seeing C passing some cash to S to keep. 

Unfortunately the card was rejected, so C and S went to the bank while N, B (another colleague) and I waited there. We waited for pretty long, so N and I planned to go to the ladies room and then call them. We could not get a hold of them at first, so N and I wanted to head out and find them, thinking they went to the banks around hartamas area.

But the waiters did not let us leave. I have never experienced such situation before... like NEVER... I didn't know what to do. I tried to think of another solution, that's when I recalled that C gave me his name card. I thought if I gave the name card to them they could just contact him and deal with him... but nope they wont accept that. Yes some of you might be thinking... "obviously they wouldn't accept that, by hook or crook they want you to PAY". Gosh you think I don't know that? I was just trying to see if they would accept since N and I do not have the cash either.

N called C over and over... and suddenly C could not be reached. At that point of time, if you were in our situation... what's the first thought that comes to your mind? That they left? Most probably, since they were gone for hours!!

B who went to look for them came back to us and he told me and N to leave and he would take care of everything. But we felt like we should not just leave him there alone. I got up and sat opposite of the bar as I needed space away from people to breathe. 

The owner of the restaurant next to 'Bricks and Barrels' came and asked if I was okay and asked what happened. He was really nice and he wasn't happy about how the two guys just disappeared. B tried going to all the atm he could find but he could not withdraw.  B told N and I to just leave and he will wait till the atm is in service to withdraw cash to pay. N and I left. Both of us were very pissed at the situation. That's when it got me thinking... what happened to guys these days? They are irresponsible, doesn't keep to their words, selfish, assholes, gosh to a point I felt that guys these days are too pussy to man up face situations and take responsibility for things. 

The next morning I got a text from C and he explained the whole situation to me via whatsapp.

Seriously how can one be so selfish and irresponsible? Don't talk about only to ladies but to his own friend and colleague? Sometimes I wonder is it too much to ask for to care for a friend? Yes I know the real world is cruel and unfair and these things happen hence why we should be smart and take care of ourselves. My question is why does it have to be that way? Who created the norm that the world is like this? 

I hope my experience here will enlighten those of you who have not experienced this before. It's not just about guys disrespecting or mistreating women... it also applies to you guys out there who so strongly believe the bro code, Bros for life and we will die for each other shit. (No offense)

C apologized on his behalf but I told C that he's an adult he should have some balls to come apologize to us. 

I am actually very tempted to reveal the person here.... but I'm not sure if I should. What do you think? Should I? 

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