The end of my 2014, and the beginning of 2015.

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In every year, good and bad things happen to us. It is true when they say, whether a situation is good or bad it depends on how we look at things. For 2014 I was in a lot of pain and suffering, not blaming the cause of the situation, but partly because of my perspectives on things and how I handled them.
I am very glad that 2014 has passed. Although it's almost the end of January, I still feel like the year is still very new, I have many resolutions that I hope I could achieve this year. To erase the negativity from 2014, I ended mine last day of 2014 with some of the best people in my life, the people who are filled with positive energy and genuine sincerity. 

On new year eve, my friends and I rented a hotel apartment, with some booze, snacks, games, and great company. We took so many pictures that I had to re-look and delete off over and over until I gave up and just decided to collage the pictures. :p

Glen holding his Glenlivet and Bel holding her Belvedere. Proudly owning their alcohol name these two. :) 

Our night started off pretty chillax with just few sips and cheers here and there and snacking away while waiting for the rest to arrive. As the clock struck twelve... worldwide tradition? Cheers away! In the last photo we are enjoying the view of the fireworks. :) 

Regina, Esther, and Benita

I'm really glad I brought my DSLR that night, because every got a fair share of using the DSLR to selfie... yes I said #selfie.

Glen is one of the few guys I know who is so professional at selfie. #naturalselfiepro.

Our entertainment, besides booze.... wii! It's a lot more fun when you're high, i guess pretty similar to being high in a club? It was so much fun... I really think the group of friends you're with really make a difference.

I'll let the pictures do the talking. :)

We were trying to take a nice back shot... yeap we were pretty high here already... and yeah the guys could not resist not being part of the picture.

Time flies when you are having fun...

Even I was speechless when I saw the pictures... I have no idea what happened at the first picture and why Brian's facial expression was so? Was Isabel tickling and poking him? Hmm... The second picture on the right are just the guys doing their 'thang'. Glen oh Glen... what were you trying to do? The 3rd picture of Brian and Simon is actually a really nice candid shot. So much energy from Brian's facial expression... that's the face of having a blast! I have no idea what was Regi doing on the floor.

You see... Glen was actually taking pictures of US dancing... but I somehow spotted them in the picture doing silly faces! So cute la you guys! <3.

I have no idea what happened... and yes I know I have said that many times in this post but I only remember bits and pieces. I do not know how Isabel ended up on the floor... but I do know one thing... if you mess with her, her karma will get you bacl. Look at what happened to Simon after he posed cheekily teasing Bel.

I recall falling down but I don't remember how! If I'm not mistaken, Isabel and I kinda fell down together... and the laughing probably made us roll on the floor. Regi tried to pull us up but she fell too.Good times, good times. Looking back at these pictures really puts a smile on my face. Love you guys!

This was the time when we still could not stop laughing and could not get off the floor.

Have you ever wondered if excessive laughing sobers one up? Because right after that the guys became really hyper and went all out with their "Oppa Gangnam Style".

Hmm what song were we dancing to here? Don't recall at all but... the purpose of posting this picture... is because of that girl in Green! Isabel was really happy that night... ;)

So this was our New Year Eve and New Year Day celebration. A good chillax fun with a bunch of outgoing, crazy and fun people. I would like to end this post by putting their "good image" in your head, so here's a picture of us all when we were still sober.

How was your New Year Eve celebration? Did you have a blast?

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