A Love So Pure, Sincere, and Rare.

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Every year during Chinese New Year it's pretty much the same for me that I can even say it's a routine. Seeing relatives and friends, receiving Ang Pows, wishing everyone Gong Hei Fatt Choy, etc. But this year I noticed something different and I can't believe it had to take me a few CNYs to realise this. One of the best feeling in life is having comfort and love from your family members, but this year I realise that when love is given by the little ones, it's not only beautiful but one of the most amazing feeling ever.

My family members aren't too much of a big fan when it comes to take selfies or even pictures for the matter. A good example would be my niece Hailey, to snap a still and nice picture with her wasn't easy. Dear dear Hailey was a little afraid of us as it is her first time meeting us,  at least since she could remember lol. The last time I saw her she was still tiny baby. She was so shy that In order to get her to come to me, I had to use the barter system; a soft toy for Hailey to come to me, such a fair trade eh? Regardless of her being shy, but her presence, a child's presence in general is a beautiful feeling.

This uncle of mine at the bottom right here has always been bullying me since I was a little girl. But sorry uncle, now that I'm older I know how to tease you back :p... he was pretty persistent in wanting to take a selfie with me! He asked me to put "new boyfriend" as the caption... but I told him i'll put "sugar daddy" instead. :p

My cousin Kit Foong is one of the few whom I used to play with since young till semi-adult (does this term even exist?). Although we grew apart as we were growing up and living our own lives, but somehow whenever we do meet we don't feel awkward or anything, still able to tease each other and laugh about it. Can't wait for your wedding Kit Foong, hurry and tie the knot! 

Hello my darling Sarah... my little darling niece from Penang.... love her to bits! I still remember that time when she didn't know who we were, she was kinda shy, but now she's all noisy and hyper and can't sit still.
Little Sarah when she was a baby. I think this was the last time she met us before she grew to have a mind of her own, don't blame her if she couldn't remember us at all. But she's really special, although she had no clue who we were but when I carried her and put her on my lap she would sit still and play with her iPad or toy. Even when I hug her, talk to her or kiss her on the cheek she remains still and would of course communicate back with me. I love hugging her, having her close to me and sayang-ing her. 
We both have one thing in common, we LOVE taking pictures and SELFIES. Just point a camera or your smart phone towards her and she'll strike a pose for you. A cute one of course. I love how she would give us flying kiss, hugs and a kiss on the cheek whenever she's leaving. Missing her already.

I think that a child's love is very pure and sincere, and that's what makes it so beautiful :)

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  1. Wow this history is amazing, I enjoyed reading the part about the little Hailey be couse I have a little brother and is very dificult take a picture with him :) ....you have a beutifull family, is nice the love that you feel for them :)

    My best wishes to you from Peru.


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