Time Well Spent With An Unexpected Experience.

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In February within the 15 days of Chinese New Year, I managed to take a few days leave to spend time with loved ones and friends. I would say it's my first time after decades that I actually traveled to elsewhere during this CNY period. It was such a relaxing time, having no worries and no stress, just relax and enjoy the moment with the people you love being around with.

It is during this time that I learn to appreciate the free time to just relax and do nothing... and it was indeed one of the best feeling after so long. Now that I have more free time after my job resignation I make sure to plan them properly and make use of them wisely during my 1 month break.

I traveled to Kelantan and Melaka during my 5 days break. My friends did ask me of all places why Kelantan? Well because to celebrate this woman's birthday!

My sexy dance queen, JJ Poh. (Photo taken from her Facebook)

I arrived at about close to 12 midnight. It's amazing how after JJ and the rest picked me from the airport we headed straight to this....

Apparently this is their favourite "go to" places at night, Sapphire... a combination of open karaoke and beer. What makes this place different from KL? The people! They are very friendly, is like everyone knows each other and will drink with each other, like a family. :)

I guess this is what happens after a few buckets of beer... the guys wanna ber-diva. A quick introduction, please meet Denise and Mindy. 

After a night of craziness and fun it was time to head back to the queen's palace. Meet Bum Bum!
I've been wanting and waiting to meet this big fella! Whenever I see JJ's pictures of Bum Bum it gives me the urge to meet this big guy, to hug and cuddle him, and snuggle. As Denis and Min Yau arrived during the day, they got to meet Bum Bum first. Denis snap a photo of Bum Bum and sent to me, and I literally went OMG SO CUTE! Though I was told that he doesn't bite, Denis said Bum Bum bit his Polo shirt and there's a hole now. 

I don't know if it's because I was tipsy when I met Bum Bum, but when I saw him I went "Hi!" in my usual high pitch voice and went and touch the fella. Min Yau being terribly mean to me as always, told Bum Bum to bite me =.=. Fast forward to Jj's room (picture above), we got along pretty well in the end. It was our first time meeting and he allowed me to lie on him like a pillow. *Dream came true, this is what I've always wanted to do since I first saw him in pictures*. Min Yau took multiple shots of me lying on Bum Bum, can imagine how long I actually lied on him and he didn't even mind. :) 

My first day in Kelantan when the sun was still up, guess i'm not used to facing direct sun light yet. When I was sitting by the balcony chilling, the maid was staring at me from downstairs and smiling, then the mum walked towards the maid and stared at me too. Of course my reaction would be "???", then I heard the mum said "bukan la tu kawan JJ". The maid mistaken and thought I was JJ lol. 

Say hello to this cute pomeranian called Mei Mei if remember correctly. Super cute and a little shy, not as open and warm as Bum Bum, but still <3. 

Spent the rest of my last day in Kelantan with JJ by heading to the salon and curl our hair! They used the 38mm tong to create these lovely curls... which kinda makes me want to get a 38mm as well, the one that I have is only 25mm.

When the night came, it was time for the celebration of the dance queen. Unfortunately she was too busy running around and entertaining her relatives and other friends we didn't get to spend much time with her. Poor girl had to run around in her heels, which is something she's pro at anyways... :p.

With the outgoing and funny Cloudy, and photobombed by Denis =.=. 

Look at how gorgeous the birthday girl is. I don't know what's with Min Yau's facial expression lol... what were you trying to do Min Yau? 

No idea what was happening here...but it turned out to be a pretty nice picture :). 

Funny how the smaller and slimmer the bottle is, the more difficult it will be to open. Have you ever seen 3 people opening a bottle? #epic

With the birthday girl and friends, not forgetting my love for wine and selfies. <3 :p. The night ended with karaoke, more alcohol, Cloudy dancing with the guitar, and JJ's nephew hanging with us in the living room. 

Wait why is a little boy not asleep as 3am? But he was cute, I asked him to come and he came and sat on me on the floor. I did hear Cloudy say it was her first time seeing him to good boy and quiet. His mother then called him to bathe and sleep but he refused to go even when I tried to carry him up. So what I did was, I told him to go bathe and that I was going to bathe too. Immediately he got up. But when he noticed I wasn't moving he came back to me and tapped me on my shoulder, as his way of calling me to bathe. It's funny how when I'm tipsy I can speak Chinese, because I spoke to him in Chinese. #amazingthingshappenwhenyouaredrunk.

According to Min Yau, JJ's nephew likes me haha! But such a small boy... is that even possible?

So to sum everything up...
  1. There are more than 5 dogs in the house
    1. I could not find JJ and the rest during the day and had to listen to her voice to find her. Yeah her house was huge enough that I needed to listen to her voice to find her. 
    2. I finally got to lie on Bum Bum like a bean bag.
    3. Her family members are very nice
    4. I've been mistaken as JJ about 5 times in 1 day staying in her house, including her dad.
    5. My favourite dogs are Bum Bum and Mei Mei
    6. Her nephew likes me. 
    7. I can speak Chinese when I'm drunk. 
    8. I had a lot of wine #Satisfied
    9. Witnessed people doing funny things, for example, Cloudy dancing with the guitar... I wish I had the video. 
    10. Met some nice people and managed to witness how friendly Kelantan people are.
    One of the best feeling is when interesting things happen when you least expect it. Other than being able to meet Bum Bum, the rest of the above was pretty unexpected. 

    (Special thanks to Cloudy, JJ, Denis, Min Yau, & JJ for the pictures)

    Next stop... Melaka.... 

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    1. Wah bojio! U cannot speak chinese when u are not drunk? Dont lie pls


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