Belvedere Light The Night with Creativity, Aspiration and Fun

10:58 AM

About two weeks ago, Belvedere Light the Night party was brought to the next level. From "Single to Mingle" theme party that took place at Providence last year (see that here), to igniting inner creativity at Play Club, The Roof.

Meet the celebrity of the night, Belvedere Bear. Its cuteness got me crazy, I wish I could bring it home. But it was one heavy bear. 

The event started with an opening light poi performance parading a variety of geometric patterns. Belvedere showcased their bold creativity, aspiration and fun side with creative rhythmical light movements that were traced through the air as the batons and changed colour in perfect synchronization. This was a reflection to the spirit and light of Belvedere Vodka in all the great cities of the world.

Along with complimentary free flow of Belvedere Vodka, we were entertained by PLAY Club's resident DJ Kino Takamura and DJ H3 with their ecstatic music spins of RnB, electropop, dubstep and trap.

It was definitely an unexpected night for me as I was surprised to bump into friends who I've not seen in quite a while. Also... I finally discovered my alcohol weakness... it's Vodka. I have been going Zouk pretty often and I would always mix my drinking with whiskeys, champagne, shots and beers. Getting wasted with just one type of drink how is that possible? Well I guess everyone has an alcohol weakness, find out what's yours and drink responsibly! ;)

With old bunch... Benjamin and David Lian. I actually got to know David through Benjamin, so when I saw that they were both there at the event, I specially wanted to take a picture with them together. :)

Long time no see you! Raj who does a variety of things from hosting, modeling, production, and I've lost count. It was really great to see him on this night, really been a while. :)

My plus 1 for the night, Yee Kiat. I find it funny how there is like a flow in this picture based on his facial expression. All I did was snap multiple shots to get the best and clearest shot because well you know how it is taking pictures in a club right? Super candid and unplanned but turned out to be funny. 

With the other old bunch. Met this awesome fun people since I started blogging. <3. (L-R: Ah Bok, Pamela, Henry, & Benjamin)

Say hello to my favourite Malaysian Korean. Super love his front camera... Oppo smart phone front camera quality is amazing! This picture was not even edited, kid you not. 

With the Belvedere Bear, if it wasn't heavy I might have stolen it home. With photographer Kelvin Sing, many thanks for helping me with the photos that night, some of the photos here are taken by him. 

Have you ever planned to stay at an event or party just for a while... thinking "okay i'm just going to go there to show face, take some photos, hang a little bit..." but ended up staying not until the event ends, but till the club closes? Well some of my crazy friends in this picture was planning there, but in the end they left later than me! Love you both Mr. P and Mr. R... you guys know who you are ;)
So in this photo collage, there is actually a flow. Could you tell what's the flow?

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  1. So while it's true that the people make an event (and the people definitely made any event!) this space definitely adds a different dimension to it. Went to venues in DC for evening event and I was really impressed.


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