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Aloha! Continuing from previous post, I went to Singapore for my babe's birthday and we had our crazy night. Read more about that here:

After we went back to the hotel room, one of our friend was really really drunk, I shall not mention his name. He's not really a drinker but I believe the more he hangs with us, he will be a pro-drinker in no time. ;)

When afternoon came, well obviously I slept through morning... I was awaken not only by this aunty (Nat), waking us up, also partly from the intense pain from my throat infection. I was on pain killer and antibiotics during this 4 days trip. Other than the intensified pain from my throat, i was also pretty stoned from the night before. 

After a night drowning yourself with alcohol, gotta replenish your body with some good breakfast. :)
English Breakfast accompanied with Green Tea (needed to detox) at Wild Honey. This is one of the most popular cafes in Singapore, do try it out. :)
A refreshing and refillable hot green tea to start my day. 

A picture of what my friends had. Sorry I don't know the names, but if you are happened to be at Wild Honey can just show this picture and tell them which one you'd like. :)

A delicious and filling brunch indeed, and some walking did us all good.. burn those calories! We went to Gardens by the Bay for an overview of Singapore. 
We felt a little confused at first thinking how we were going to go up to the other side of the roof top. Our friend Ryan actually asked, "the lift moves horizontally?". Lol! Pretty epic. But nah it moves vertically. 

Up here we are! Yeah the view isn't as pleasant as you would have imagined. But... yes this is how it looked at the time, not much editing done on this picture other than increasing exposure. It was actually about to rain.

Here we are served by IndoChine. The drinks are pretty ripped off, but then again this is tourist area what else to expect right? 

Group photo! [L-R]: Grace, Ian, Yvonne, Jecelin, Esther, Nat, and thanks Ryan for taking the photo. 

Half way it started pouring we had to go downstairs to a fancy restaurant. Thanks to the manager we were able to get a table for a total of 8 of us. Yvonne did order her truffle fries though. 

When night came, we headed to SWISS hotel rooftop bar called New Asia Bar. 
[L-R]: Ryan, Ian, Yvonne, & Natalie

Due to my sore throat I only drank beer and beer is known to be quai lou leong cha (western cooling tea)... but... after a while i got so full with beer I thought, "ah forget it" and drank the whiskey with green tea. 

New Asia Bar, does that means a lot of Asians? If this question actually crossed your mind, firstly it's in Singapore, filled with Asian people, so what do you think? But of course there were Caucasians and other ethnicity there as well. ;)

It was a pretty crazy night as some of them got really drunk and fell off the chair while sitting on it. Wont mention name, but you know who you are... ;)

That's it for day 3! Thanks for visiting, see you again on my next post. 

Do stay tuned for day 4/last day in Singapore. 

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