Natalie's Birthday Trip to Singapore!

7:00 PM

Singapore, oh Singapore... it has been 2 years since I visited. Coming back to Singapore does bring back some memories of the time I was here for One FC Summit.

This time, I was there for my dear baby, Natalie Foong's birthday celebration. :)
I was actually down with high fever with throat infection and ulcers in my throat. But desperately by hook or crook I HAD to GO. The day before Singapore, I went to see the doctor to get a pain killer jab and got some antibiotics and a whole bunch of other medications. I was advised by the doctor to come by again for another jab before I leave for my trip, and yeah I did.

A four days and three nights trip of good, fun, relaxing, comfortable, and undeniably expensive trip. (Since the exchange rate is about 2.7).

It was a 5 to 6 hours drive, but thanks to my friend Ian's comfortable car it was a very comfortable ride. :) The journey was a mixture of chatting, postings and browsing on social media, listening to my music with my earphones on and being in my own world...and naps. I just somehow had to feel sleepy when we were almost reaching, talk about timing. We got a little lost in Sentosa and could not find Hotel Michael... even Waze failed us. They should really put a "Hotel Michael" sign near the entrance.

As we were about to reach the lobby, spotted... our queen impatiently waiting for us. So hurriedly we went up to our hotel room and got ready for the birthday dinner.

Wine and dine at Joel Robuchon Restaurant. I admire the manners and friendliness of the waiters there while thinking, man in Malaysia you would be seeing sour faces. Not sure if it's because it's a fancy restaurant that they are properly trained to look smiley and happy to serve us all the time, but yeah don't really get this in Malaysia, in terms of consistency. 

My dinner set, comes with an appetizer, main dish, dessert, and a cup of coffee or tea. Here's Yvonne and I toasting to a good night. 

Where's the party? Bang Bang Club! My first time here... it's pretty small, BUT the crowd are outgoing and happening. 

Look at the photo on the right! While we were taking group photos, the group behind us photo bombed. It was actually pretty funny and I love that they are so outgoing. 

So let me introduce the hot birthday girl of the night to you, Ms Natalie Foong... the one in yellow top and gold shorts. Hot? But of course, all my darlings are hot. ;p.

I've known Natalie for a few years now and we got closer as time went by. Whenever she calls me out, 9/10 times I'll be there. She is our Mama-san! Very nurturing and always sayang her friends... but she's picky with her friends too, so that makes me feel special, haha! Hot and nurturing, such a perfect combination right? Well good luck guys, because she's not easy to get ;). 

Even at her on celebration she spreads her love to her friends. On the right is Danny and Grace. Danny is such a good guy, potential husband... girls... he's single, ;). 

I'm pretty sure most of you already know Grace, she's Ms. Popular. Is it possible for someone to look cute and pretty at the same time? 

Natalie baby, hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration as much as I enjoyed being a part of it. <3.

I realize as I grow older the world gets smaller. Meet the outgoing hot chick, Lynn! She's also friends with my cousin Eevonn as they are both stewardess for SIA. Small world indeed.

With Mandy Foong, and the rest of the people on the right. :)

Look who I bumped into outside? It's TED! #cutenessoverload

Mama-san wasn't smashed that night, but drunk enough. :) Considered it as mission accomplished.

That's about it for today, more on next post. ;)

Photo credits: Lynn, Grace, and Natalie.

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