My Father's Love Language

5:11 PM

Happy Father's Day! Today I would like share a few things about my papa. (Yea we call him "papa" or "pa").

Family photo during my sister's first Holy Communion. 

Pa is a scary man, very fierce and scary. I remember whenever he gets angry I would panic and sometimes get shock by the sharpness of his voice. I still remember when I was a kid like 8 years old, he would ask me to make coffee for him, so yeah I learned how to make a simple black coffee cause of him; 1 teaspoon of coffee, and 1 tea spoon of sugar, it was that simple for him.
He loves to lie on his lazy chair and listen to the "Light & Easy" station, so thanks to him, I know quite a few oldies such as Carpenters, George Michael, Selina, Glenn Medeiros, and many more! He's also quite a singer, he won 3rd place trophy for a karaoke singing competition, if I remember correctly it was at Selangor Darul Ehsan, but I was too young to notice then. He's also quite an artist, he actually drew a portrait of my great grand mother... sadly all this happened before Social Media was popular, before everyone started posting everything they see on the internet, so I don't have a soft copy to share with you. He is quite a clown, likes to disturb us and my cousins, teasing and joking with us.
His favourite cigarette is Dunhill Lights, and he sure smokes a lot. Back in my college days I would often buy back lunch for my dad, sister and myself whenever I have early classes, and his favourite food then was curry mee. He's a typical Chinese man who loves to eat rice with soup, on days when there's no soup, he'll eat rice with Marmite soup. He dislikes fast food and McDonalds was considered bread for him. He used to always drink water from his 1.5 liter of water bottle with his tiny cup.

He's a very handy man, he enjoys fixing things, creating and designing things like shelves and whatever he can think of. Thanks to him, during my high school days Kemahiran Hidup wasn't too difficult. :)
Whenever I had headache or was sick, he would massage my feet (Foot Reflexology), and I still remember him telling me "you have to crush all the crystals in the feet", and I remember laughing out of ticklishness and screaming out of pain. There was once I had high fever, he would drown me with water, well not literally. When I was a kid he would tell me that there's fire in my stomach and I need to drink a lot of water to put out the fire, and yes I believe him then. Lol.

His way of showing love was buying gifts. He likes to spoil us with gifts and once he came home from work with two cute bunnies, and another time he came home with a keyboard piano. He likes to bring us to eat delicious food and splurge on us.

Speaking of this, what's your love language? Take the quiz here:
When he was going through depression, he would rather rely on sleeping pills than anti-depressants because they were expensive. He was thinking of saving money for us even at his depressed state of mind. He is a loving dad and he loves us in his own love language that I failed to see back then. But now I understand.
It is almost 5 years since my dad went home to God, I wonder how he's doing and what he's up to now. Is he serving God in any way? I would never know... but I'm pretty certain he's in a happier place now.

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies, papas, and fathers. :)

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