Fear of Height? Or Fear to Fall?

2:56 AM

So the other day my girlfriend invited me for rock climbing at Camp5, 1 Utama. The first and the last time I did rock climbing was when I was in Kota Kinabalu, and that was like about a year plus ago. I still remember the first time i climbed, and half way up I just froze due to fear of heights. My friends and the guy supporting me told me that I was almost up, just a little more. My palms were sweating and first time in my life my I experience literal body freeze where I couldn't move even if i tried. So then they allowed me to slowly go back down.

At that point of time, I felt dissatisfied... thinking that I came all the way here, I must at least climb all the way up... at least ONCE!

So I told the person in charge I wanted to climb again, and surprisingly I went all the way up and faster too. When I was at the top, I had to look down for my friend to snap a photo of me... but kid you not I started panicking again. I guess to trick to climbing is to focus on climbing and not how high you are at, at that point of time.

So when my girlfriend invited me to climb, I went "Yeah let's go!", so 'semangat'.

So the walls at Camp5 are way way way... and i mean wayyy higher than the one I climbed at KK. Kinda got a shock when I saw this. But wait... if you think this is high... look at the next picture.

Madness isn't it? And this wall is not a flat wall. What my friend did was he would climb up to a hooker to hook himself, and then continue climbing up, and hook again. So basically you climb, hook yourself, continue climbing and keep hooking till you reach the top. If you slip the previous hook would be your support.

Here I am getting ready to climb... ;) This is what you call warm up.

Here I go.... nah just kidding was posing for the camera. Hehe

Just as I was starting to climb, the person working there stopped me and told me to remove my harness. No idea why though...and this was not the wall where require you to wear harness as it wasn't that high... but even so didn't get why we had to remove the harness.

Here I am after removing the harness, ready to climb! 

Honestly it didn't feel that hard if compared to the first time I climb.... HOWEVER, my fear of height was still there. This wall that I climbed was not very high to be honest... But I was afraid because I didn't know how to go down, and now way in hell would I jump down from there even if there are cushion at the bottom. 

I managed to go all the way up but I got stuck there as I didn't know how to get up. HAHA I know so noob... but the main reason is because I was afraid of heights, I couldn't even look down.... furthermore knowing I have no harness to support me.. :( But it's okay I did it! HAha. So the question goes back to.... was I afraid of heights or was I just afraid of heights cause I'm afraid of falling? Seems to me this time I wasn't afraid of heights... I was afraid of falling.  After all the wall wasn't very high. So which is your fear?

My babe Natalie. 

Mirror selfie in the changing room. 

The entry fees is RM30 excluding the harness and shoes (RM17 i think).
We had extra harness so I didn't have to pay for that. :)

Never been to rock climbing? Give it a try at least once in your life... Hey you only live once right? ;)

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