The Best Birthday As I Can Remember

1:57 AM

From the title above, yes I had the best birthday celebration as I can possibly remember... in other words meaning as an adult. I had my fair share of fun and excitement as a child, but you know... as we grow older birthdays are pretty much less of a big deal to you.

This year, my dear friends... and my best friend especially made my birthday really special. It was so special that this is something that I would remember forever. Thank you Natalie baby for everything! *Kisses*. It's funny how Natalie and I met, it was through a mutual friend... from the first time we met we already clicked... it was like love at first sight...

I never had a best friend or believed in it... because I always felt that person would betray... but as time brought Nat and I closer naturally... we just ended up being best friends. Since she and I got close, my life changed to the better. Thank you baby darling.
On my birthday eve, I had a surprised family celebration which led to a surprise count down by my dear friends. We went to La Bodega at Bangsar for some drinks and when the clock struck 12, I was already quite tipsy... suddenly I saw a huge light which turned out to be.... a flaming lambo... =.=... oh gosh kill me already... along with a cake. :)

After the crazy night at La Bodega, some of us decided to go Zouk... and I believe whether I was sober or tipsy I would have followed... and yes so I did and I met a guy who had the same birthday with me and we took a picture. Unfortunately I had no idea who he was and we didn't exchange contact so no picture.

The next night, was the night where I had to prepare myself for getting drunk. As sick as I was with alcohol from the night before, and as much as I didn't wanna drink anymore for a while... I had to go through this one last night. I went to dinner at Signature, The Roof with Natalie, Wayne, Ian, Lily, and Tane for dinner. Thanks Wayne for picking me up and for that gorgeous pearl necklace. 

As it was my actual birthday Signature gave me a complimentary birthday cake.

It was a delicious chocolate ice cream brownie cake. Thank you Signature. :)

The two babies eating the cake. They are so so cute and adorable, I just had to curi curi snap these shots.

My OOTN for that night. Now... there are ALOT of pictures... so if I did miss out some of you please forgive me... had a headache trying to filter them and... the rest of the pictures will be on my Facebook... so stay tuned for that yeah. Now i'm gonna stop with my grand mother stories so that you can enjoy the pictures. Here you go. :)

With the guys... so girls... which one do you want? ;)

with my very own MINION!

With my photographer for the night and a dear friend of mine. Thank you so much Jaz for shooting on my birthday... i appreciate your time, effort, and work. It definitely would not have been the same if it was another photographer shooting for me. Having you there brought back memories and it felt meaningful to me. :)

with the DJ. Thanks Jaz for bringing me to the DJ console to shoot with the DJ.

Wayne is my very very old friend since college. I'm glad that up till now we are still in touch. :)
Radius.. my Malaysian Korean friend... always and forever ;)

with the cutest couple.

I guess from this photo you can probably tell i was almost gone... truth is... yes it was the beginning of being drunk. 

Over here spreading my love to these girls. 

I just realize that all this awesome who came for me that night, I met them because I started blogging. If it wasn't for my blogging life over the past 3 years I would not have gotten opportunities to attend events, and meet these crazy awesome people! I guess one thing will always lead to another? I am blessed to have met you guys! Love ya'll and thanks so much for coming. <3. 

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