A Bubbly Ladies Night to a Relaxing Weekend.

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Another week has passed and I'll have to say it was a pretty good weekend. What did you do last weekend?

About two weeks ago my girlfriends and I needed to blow off some steam and decided to go for the Champagne Fiesta at The Play Club, First Avenue. It was pretty packed for a Thursday night all thanks to the "Ladies Night" promotion. PLAY club was giving away a bottle of champagne to each ladies of 4 group! First come first serve basis of course.

Ladies night has been a tradition since more than decades ago even during the old times... to gather more ladies to attract more men. I guess it never gets old. Of all ladies night, so far this was one of the best.

Outside there was a selfie booth by Moet to win some awesome prizes!

Selfie with my baby... such a big Moet bottle. To join the selfie contest, I took a selfie with this baby here and uploaded it on Instagram: @Josarine, with all the necessary hashtags and tagging Moet and PLAY Club. Picture with the most likes wins the bottle. Sadly I didn't win. :(

with my babe Sandy.

Us toasting to our free bottle of Moet ;).

Here with Iskie and some of his friends that I met that night. 

I also bumped into Joey and I believe I'll be seeing her a lot since she works for The Roof now. :)

Full house! I was really surprised that it was so packed especially on a Thursday night, I guess Champagne Fiesta was a success! 

On the same week on Saturday, there was a "Sundown Session" at Stratosphere, featureing DJ Matt Smallwood from 5pm onwards together with other DJs. I arrived around 11pm  because I only wanted to see DJ Matt Smallwood. Unfortunately the event was almost canceled due to the rain, Malaysian weather is really unpredictable, which is pretty annoying. 

But thankfully the party was moved to Signature. While waiting I chilled with my babe Sandy and her friend over a few glasses of Belvedere cocktails. :)

Selfie is a MUST for us. ;)

Here I am with Dan, Sandy, and Sandy's friend. :)

Not only did I enjoy free flow cocktails of Belvedere, but that night was filled with gorgeous Caucasian models. Can you guess how old is the guy next to me?

With DJ Matt Smallwood. I am so glad to be one of the lucky ones to get to take a photo with him. His songs are chillax not like the usual EDM we hear in clubs. But it would definitely suit the mood at Stratosphere... chilling and chatting as we sip our cocktails and enjoy the open air. Really damn the rain. But it's okay, it was pretty nice in Signature as well, and I saw quite a few people and some of the models were dancing and enjoying themselves. :)

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PC: Andy Kho & Iskie

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