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What do you see from this picture?

I know, I know, even a kid would know this is a restaurant. If you are a frequent visitor of my blog, you would notice that I rarely blog about food simply because I get hungry while blogging. Don't want to risk putting on any more weight!

I have visited Cozy Kitchen a couple of times because my very good friend's family owns the restaurant, so sometimes I would go there for lunch or dinner. After visiting Cozy Kitchen a couple of times, I noticed that there was something different about this place and decided to write about it.

So what's different about this restaurant compared to others? The food? Cleanliness? Good service? No darling, many restaurant reviews already talk about that. The difference between this restaurant in my personal opinion is that this place definitely lives up to its name "Cozy Kitchen". 

Cozy Kitchen provides not only decent food, but treat their customers like family or close friends, literally! 

Oh this is one thing I love about this place, they put lemon slices in their waters! I remember I woke up with a hangover and decided to come by for lunch, I felt so thankful they had lemon in their water because it definitely did help refresh me and not to forget lemon water increases body metabolism ;). 

So on that very day as I was sipping my lemon water and waiting for my food, I noticed the way my friend's mum communicated with the customers at one of the table that got me shocked. The way they chatted was like as if they have been friends for years, no barriers and even some laughter. By their conversation I straight away knew they are very frequent regular customers. I also noticed my friend serving one of the customer whom I believe was a new customer because of how he was looking into the restaurant. She was warm and friendly, and I thought to myself... that I have never seen waiters serve their customers this way before. 

Most often than not, customers want to be served with respect, friendliness and professionalism because of the "customers are always right" policy, so what I saw on that very day was eye opening for me. This place would make you feel cozy and comfortable while enjoying your meal. 

I have tried a few dishes from this place and here are my ratings... (honest rating, I promise ;)):
Hainannese Chicken Chop. Rich in flavour and filling. I like to have it with Chili Sauce, that's just me! If I remember correctly this is RM17.90. (Rate: 6.5/10)

Golden Egg Chicken with Rice. I sub mine with fried rice, hehehe... RM17.90 with fried rice, RM15.90 with white rice. This is one of my /personal favourites and also one of the best sellers.
(Rate: 7.8/10)

Fried kueh teow with beef. It's a little light on the taste, so if you don't like salty food this would be a decent dish for you. (Rate: 6.8/10)

Grilled Chicken Chop, RM17.90. Another thing that I love about this place is the flexibility in food. The other time when I had their grilled chicken chop I didn't want fries and so they gave me more steamed vegetables. I even requested to use NO OIL to grill my chicken. So fitness, health and gym freaks who wanna eat clean? Here's another option for you.

(Rate: 7/10)

Kampung fried rice served with crackers! There's also prawns and some chicken fillet inside. I would prefer it more spicy though cause I love spicy. Would pair very well with more chili padi... *stomach growls*... shit i'm hungry now. RM7.90
(Rate: 6.8/10)

If you are around Glenmarie or Subang area, do give them a visit during lunch time because they have lunch promotions! :)

So if you are looking for a decent place with decent good food, and a place to eat that feels cozy like home... try out Cozy Kitchen. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions!

While dining at Cozy Kitchen, upload a photo of your food and #CozyKitchenCafe & TAG @CozyKitchenCafe (Instagram). Show your posting to them and get 10% off your total bill!  

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  1. hainan chicken chop looks delicious.


  2. Very poor service on a Saturday afternoon. Instead of being appologetic, the lady at the counter said that we 'don't have to go again'. Well, this will be true for us and our neighbourhood.

  3. Food is so-so nia. Service bad during lunch time. Outside put set lunch menu but when order, say dont have for today. Good place for lepak during lunch hour though.


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