I lost 3 kgs in 6 days!

7:12 PM

Yes like the title above, I lost 3kgs in 1 week!!! Okay to be specific it was 6 days since the 7th day was my cheat day.

No I did not starve, nor eat 1 meal a day. To be honest... I didn't exactly EAT CLEAN either.

What was my secret? No carbs, no meat, no sugar, no dairy and worse of all NO ALCOHOL!... just lots and lots of vegetables, water and occasional green tea.

I went VEGETARIAN for 6 days with tofu and egg as my source of protein... and my protein drink, HERBALIFE. :)

So here's a break down of the food I ate in the past 7 days along with my experience of what I felt during this process... enjoy! :)


So on the first day I had some trouble sleeping because of the strict no-alcohol diet. Due to my active party lifestyle I tend to drink a lot and from 2 to 3 times a week it became every other day, and then it was almost every night! I know such a bad lifestyle.

So I had some problem sleeping, I was up till 6am... woke up had my breakfast which as Nasi Lemak Sotong my favourite... :p

So technically my real vegetarian process started after I slept at 11am and woke up at 4pm.

5PM: Ate a pear and drank a lot of green tea until dinner.

While surfing Facebook I saw my friend posted Sashimi... at that time I thought... "oh just kill me already". I love to eat so much that it wasn't even a day and I craved for sashimi already, #epicfail in that sense.

5.44PM: After my pear at 5pm I was already hungry at this time.

6.15PM: Dinner. Stir fry vegetables that consist of mushrooms, lettuce, and carrots. 

I ate only half of this portion at first because I felt like it was enough for me though I could eat more if I wanted to, but I controlled. 

7.26PM: Started having cravings

7.30PM: Ate the remaining half of my veges.

9.00PM: Had snack. Stir fry long beans with 1 egg. Ate half of this portion.
I did feel like going to the bathroom more though.... thanks to all the fiber. I also felt pretty full when I ate half of this portion.

10.33PM: Felt abit lethargic and light headed and wanted to just sleep... and this feeling don't happen often to me since i'm a night owl. 

12AM: Ate the remaining half of the dish.


2.30PM: Woke up surprisingly without any food cravings... usually when I wake up I'd start craving for all sorts of food.

I checked my weight and I lost 2kgs!!!

Vegetables Mushroom Soup for breakfast/lunch:

I felt full after just one bowl. 

After that I went for a Belvedere event and they were teaching us how to make cocktails! So yes I had to drink a bit... for the first time in my life I took a super small sip. After the event while waiting for the jam to clear they served FOOD!!! Like deep fried food... chicken.... and my favourite calamari... seriously just kill me!

6.30PM: But I did get hungry and I didn't wanna starve cause I wanted to keep my metabolism running... so thankfully there were fried potatoes... yes I know... deep fried... but oh well... I had 2 pieces.

9.30PM: Dinner. Stir Fry Ladies Fingers with Tofu. 

1AM: Had an apple and some grapes, didn't take photo for this.

2AM: Started craving for Neway's Cheesy Wedges! It is so cripsy with thousand island sauce and cheese omg just kill me already! Then I started craving for McDonalds and Salmon Pasta.


Lost another 1 kg. 

3PM: Lunch. Claypot Beancurd with Vegetables from Cozy Cafe.

I had my dinner at Cozy Kitchen as well... Caesar Salad:

10PM: Started feeling light headed and actually had blur vision... I believe it's due to lack of sugar intake. So I ate strawberries with no-sugar peanut butter and also licked a table spoon or normal peanut butter.

12AM: Had scrambled eggs, 1 whole egg and 1 egg white. Also had some alcohol... about 2 to 3 shots of gin. I didn't mix with the tonic because of the calories.


4PM: Had 1 scramble egg because got too hungry from waiting for actual breakfast/lunch/tea/

5.30PM: Apple and Cheese Brie Salad from Tous Les

7PM: Had Japanese peas

10PM: Broccoli with corn and tofu, stir fried.
Ate half of this dish and ate the remaining half at 12.25am. 

1.25AM: Had 5 strawberries with 2 tea spoon of no sugar peanut butter. 

7AM: Fell asleep.


Put on 1 kg... :(

4PM: Breakfast: Protein Shake Strawberry Flavour with An Apple and 3 Strawberries.

10PM: Ladies finger with corn and tofu and chili flakes.
After dinner I went Providence club and drank Whiskey with Coke!! So guilty... after clubbing I had 2 half boiled eggs at 5am.


Lost 2 kgs again.

Breakfast: Omelette Roll
Inside consist of onions, mushroom, and red pepper.

Dinner: Stir fry vegetables with my favourite Sambal Sotong!!! Okay not so vegetarian at this part... but my mum brought back the sambal and cant be kept for too long so yeah.

After dinner I went out for drinks and had Whiskey and Beers. Okay one thing... stay away from BEER!!!! Like really... I drank it cause I had no choice but I also controlled and drank at most 1 mug. 

NO SUPPER AFTER. BEER was my supper. 


Put on 1 kg again.

It was my cheat day so I could finally eat carbs!!! I had Kimchi Maggi... hehe with tofu and lettuce.

and you know what? I couldn't finish the noodles!!! First time in my life. I guess my stomach shrunk from no meat and carbs during the week so yes... going vegetarian will help your stomach shrink and that means you eat less!


So over all this experience was not easy at all... I had so so so many cravings until I lost count especially living in Malaysia... all the good food are either carbs or protein. As much as I tried to stay away from alcohol... I would say it's  big progress for me given I'm such an alcoholic. Even when I did drink one of the weekdays it was purely gin no mixer and no beer. 

I allowed myself to let loose a little during the weekends when it came to alcohol but in terms of food still strict! Umm except for the sotong part. :p

Did I exercise?

To be honest, I did some dance cardio here and there and all of it was like 30 mins or less, along with some yoga which probably did not last 30 mins. 

Everyone's body is different, some works better with just healthy diet, while for others they need both exercise and diet. Heck there are some people who can eat anything they want as long they work out (I'm not one of them).

So find a losing weight plan that suits your lifestyle especially with busy and hectic working life. Plus instead of making it a temporary thing... try to find a method where you can make it into your lifestyle.

Now it's the second week for me, and what I eat now is just meat and vegetables, still no carbs until cheat day. There are some alcohol consumption but I pick my alcohol whiskey, such as white wine or gin, still strictly NO BEER. If I drink whiskey I would mix with water.

I do notice my weight was up and down within the 6 days because the way I ate was not consistent. But I am pretty certain if I eat small portion all the way in every 2 to 3 hours my weight loss process would be consistent. They key is to eat small portions every 2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism running. :)

I hope this was informative and motivating to you, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments below. :)

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