My After Workout Skin Care Routine.

2:33 AM

Say hello to my favourite post workout skin care range. Yes I have different cleansers for mornings, nights, and after workout or yoga. 

Clean & Clear has been around for over decades and it is a brand that was once in many teenagers' life. I still remember during my high school days when I did not know which cleanser to get for myself, it was a headache because there are so many brands out there. But I remember that I decided to give Clean & Clear a try, why? Believe it or not, it's because of it's simple brand name "Clean & Clear". It was straight forward, direct, and seems like an okay product to try.

I used Clean & Clear throughout my early high school life until I experienced curiosity to try other brands just for the fun of it. 

After so many years, it has finally came back into my life and it's now part of my skincare collection!

I use Clean & Clear after a workout, it just seems to have a special cleaning effect on my skin after a workout. Although our pores open when we perspire, which makes cleansing more convenient, but the difference is Clean & Clear really deep cleanses well!

It is like using a facial scrub without any beads in it. 

So here's my post-workout skin care routine, just 3 simple steps. :)

Before I begin my skin cleansing routine, I usually use cleansing water with cotton pad and wipe off the access dirt and sweat.

Step 1:
I usually do this in the shower, so I'll put about half of 10 cents drop, lather it to foam with my fingers first and then apply the cleanser on my face. I usually take my time and massage my face in circular or upward motions, like i'm scrubbing my face with my fingers. Then rinse....

Are you ready to see the immediate results?

My face is SQUEAKY clean! Like literally! My skin looks clear and feels really smooth. While cleansing my face, the smell reminded me of high school days while also calms and soothes my mood. Love the scent. My skin does feel a little tighter/firmer too.

Step 2:
The second important step that many people skip is the toner.
Toner helps clean off any left residue while preparing the skin for the moisturizer. This toner is pretty good and managed to get rid of unseen residues on my skin. I was surprised to see the dirt on the cotton pad to be honest. 

Last but not least...

Step 3
Moisturizing, the 3rd most important step. People with oily skin would usually avoid the moisturizing step... but the fact is, your skin gets oily because the pores are producing more oil to keep the skin hydrated! Use oil-free moisturizers... this Clean & Clear Moisturizer is one of them, however put smaller drops. :)

After feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized... sometimes I work out at night before bed, like tonight....

time for bed! 

Good night ;)

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