Electric Run Malaysia 2015!

4:48 PM

Are you ready? Let's get fueled up!

I for one never thought I would ever run a marathon. I don't exactly work out, my stamina is pretty bad, and I'm not really an outdoor person. Yes call me princess, but not as spoiled as you may think. :p

So what made me decide to go for Electric Run 2015? I was told that there will be a party/concert at the finish line! Yes that was what that made me participate in this run given the haze while my friends were partying at Zouk. My pet bro even said I was crazy to be running under this weather.

Electric Run 2015 presented by Shell FuelSave took place on the 12th September 2015. It was a 5km night-time fun of running, walking and even dancing.

But it was a good experience, since I've never ran for a marathon before this would be the first time. Something off my non existent bucket list. Hahahahaha...

For someone who doesn't really exercise and has no stamina, I would say that I did pretty well... because I managed to run, jog, walk, jog walk, all the way to the finish line without fainting. But one thing for sure my calf muscles ached for a week!

All set and ready!

I was not surprised by the amount of people who showed up at the run, because Malaysia has always been popular when it comes to marathons. There were also booths where they would help you do face paint and the paint glows in the dark! 

When the run started, we jogged/walked pass all this interesting designs based on themes. Let the pictures do the talking yeah...

Good thing is they gave water like running watet! Hahah.... my friend Diana was so thirsty, while I was concern for the need to pee. 

As we were walking half way we spotted a Shell Petrol station for us to refuel. At the petrol station they served Red Bull, Milo, and Water....

Is your tank empty? I'll help you fuel. :)

With Diana babe and the light man!

In the tunnel,,, as we run pass motivational signs.

From half way, to passing 5km, and near the finish line! <3

with my first marathon medal! :D

I shall end my post with a short video, enjoy! :)

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