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Happy Sunday! Did you have a good halloween last night? I have to say, out of the 26 years of my life, this would be the second time I dressed up for halloween. The first time was during my college days and I dressed up as a Greek Goddess. I remember I actually went to KAMDAR to buy white silk cloth to make my costume.

But this year I went all out, all out as in I actually rented a costume! Oh just FYI, if you want to rent costumes for any occasion at all, head to this place in Solaris Mont Kiara. It is right opposite Cold Storage, about two shops from Guardian, upstairs.

Bringing you back to Halloween 2015, it took place at Zouk, Phuture. But before we went to Zouk we met up at Howe's place to get ready together. :) This year I dressed up as "Angel of Love", I spread love to people and make others love each other.

Say hello to my Puppy of Love, Butter! He is full of love as well, always ready to cuddle with you. I'm serious about this Puppy of Love, just bend towards the floor and he would run towards you for you to carry. When I hug him close to me he would lick me. Cuteness overload.

Here I am with my boys... they helped spread some love in their own way. 

As we were on the way to Zouk, the jam was crazy! We also witnessed a train of car accidents... spooky night indeed. Not forgetting how terribly long the queue for guest list was, but thanks to my babe Natasha, the Sexy Cadet, we didn't have to wait so long.

From left to right, meet Jane, the evil twin of Tane who died in war. Beside her is the Father of Darkness, he feeds on souls. Anyone he blesses he feeds... so yeah he was one happy evil man last night, as he fed on so many people. On the right is Daniel, the chosen one by Johnny to spread his legacy. I'll introduce Johnny to you in a bit. Bottom left, those two guys with White faces are chick hunters, they go from table to table to hunt for chicks, hahahaha. In between them are Jedi and Super Girl! Those two are pretty self-explanatory.

Next to the Father of Darkness is Johnny the Heart-break Charmer, he charms women all around by just being himself but at the same time a heart breaker because he is a one woman man, who can only love one person. Kinda sad for the girls out there. Next to Jedi is Indulge Angel. An angel who has the ability to make men fall for her, but unable to indulge in her. See but no touch. Poor men out there.

Say hello to us four angels, the little angel next to me is a feisty one. Her sweet and adorable look softens men heart, but she's not that simple, you mess with her you're dead. Next to Indulge Angel is White Angel, she's pure and kind, but one hell of a party girl. 

Guy Fawkes with Natasha, the Sexy Cadet. Her smile is already melting your heart ain't it? ;) Jedi looked extremely happy that night.

Do you spot the Guy Fawkes mask? V from Vendetta paid us a visit and shared his evil plans. One day we will all own Zouk! Hahahaha in my dreams. Please meet Dent, the Playa, at bottom right together with the Astronaut and Goddess. Meet James, the guy in black mask... he has the ability to charm all the ladies in the world by being silent. All his power is from his Black Mask. 

There will always be a connection between the priest and angels. Last picture, us Angels together with the Father of Darkness. We are the only people whom he can't feed on, because we have the ability to block his "blessings", hence why we are good friends.

Pocahantas met her prince! When night got hot, the guys got sexy... ;)

Us enjoy the car sunroof. As we were heading for supper! 

That's all for our Halloween! Thanks for taking your time to read my nonsense hahaha... but to really sum up our halloween night:

  1. We arrived at 12 ish and it was crazy packed.
  2. The queue was crazy long, but didn't have to queue because Natasha did some magic.
  3. As much as we planned to enter all together in one group, the jam didn't allow us, so first half of us arrived first and the rest came later.
  4. Our two tables was definitely not enough for such a big group of us.
  5. The music last night was really good
  6. There were a lot of alcohol, well enough for us to get super tipsy.
  7. We were not allowed to dance on the sofa, but that didn't stop me.
  8. Our dear Natasha was drunk
  9. James, the Black Mask charmer was sweet enough to take care of Natasha.
  10. We all went for yummy Maggi Goreng Ayam at Devi's after!

It was an awesome night, until today I woke up at 3.30pm... I am so tired and dead right now. Happy Sunday all!!! :) 

Photo credit to: #Palcoholicas

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  1. Somehow I feel that Halloween has turned into a big cosplay event. :D


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