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This year of 2015, was my first time ever going to Bangkok and it was an interesting experience. I did not meet a bunch of Ah Quas, or met a lot of plastic girls (though I was hoping to), but I did learn that Thai people are really really nice and polite.

Let's start from the beginning of the trip.

Nat and I while waiting to go on board! 

All on board! Ready for take off.

The moment we touched down in Bangkok, I realized how hot and humid it was, it felt worse than Malaysia. As we walked out of the plane, the walkway was so hot... goodness. After going through immigration and check in, etc etc, we headed to our hotel at Fraser's Residence. We quickly freshen up and went to get something to eat. We were starving like two crazy people who have not eaten in days. I have to say, I'm glad Natalie was with me because honestly I would not know where to go. She brought me around... thanks Nat :).

First top... FOOD!
We went to a hotel near Central Plaza for lunch, the food was so so delicious! I love the Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, and Minced Chicken Salad. Even the crackers had special sauce that taste so yum yums! Though there were only 3 dishes, but we were full like two bloated cows.

I love the view of this place, so glad we sat outside, or else we would not have seen this view. 

Photo with my babe.

After lunch we headed back to the 7eleven near our hotel. I love the 7elevens overseas because they often have interesting and delicious pre-reheated food... nyehehe...

When night came... we headed to Above Eleven, which was a roof top bar right above our hotel. Despite the hot and humid weather, the view was amazing though.

Us girls with a bottle of wine while waiting for some of the rest to come up.

As much as we tried our best to not go clubbing on the first night, but plans do change in the last minute, We ended going to Onyx and met up with the rest: Kok Wee, Vincent, Ryan and Vincent's friend.

So how was my first time clubbing experience in Bangkok? Well... To be honest i think clubbing is pretty much the same, it always depends on the people you party with. I was looking forward to seeing very pretty Thai girls or Lady boys, but none caught my attention. 
Guess what we had for supper!
Thailand's Wan Tan Mee. One thing I love about Thai food is that they are full of spices. 

Day 2

I woke up with enthusiasm to have Hotel's breakfast! :p. Nat was supposed to have breakfast with me, but she ditched us for her bed. Thankfully Ryan was awake, so we had Hotel breakfast together. Kok Wee and Giselle joined us slightly later.
After breakfast, Ryan, Kok Wee and I went to the hotel gym... before we went for shopping!

The second day was already planned in advance, shopping day! I believe you girls know this popular mall called Platinum Mall which sells clothes for pretty cheap! It was cheaper back then though, oh wells. But before that, we went to grab some lunch. We headed to the food court at the top floor in the mall. 

One thing that's pretty unique about the food court was, instead of paying with cash, we actually had to go to a counter and reload some food court card. So every time you buy food, they will deduct the points from the card. I wonder why they do that though, but it was pretty interesting. 

Could not get enough of Tom Yum Soup while I was there. I too had my pork stomach and intestines nyehe.

I have not walked so much in 4 hours for a long time... there were so many shops and so many clothes... I actually got tired from seeing clothes. But yes we walked through most of the clothing and accessories shop. The price range is between 200 to 1000 baht depending on the shops.

After the long walk around we finally went back to the hotel. On the way back I decided I wanted a Thai Massage, I paid like 500 baht for 1.5 hours, which is pretty decent. The massage was so so good and I fell asleep. I felt like I was at home sleeping, so comfortable. I forgot the name of the massage place, but it's near Fraser's and it's next to a Salon.

When I finally got back to the hotel, it was time for bubble bath!

The strangest thing was that the water in the shower can be crazy hot, but the bath tub is not hot at all... :( it was a disappointing bubble bath I would say.

After getting ready and waiting for Miss Aunty... say hello to Coco! Nat adopted him from Platinum Mall. "I'm in love with the Coco"

When night came...

We pre-drinks at the restaurant bar in our hotel before we headed to Demo.

Look who we bumped into at Demo. :) All the way from Malaysia yo! At Demo, I saw many good looking guys, which is a pretty rare occasion for me. The club is non-smoking club, so you have to go outside or to the back balcony to smoke. The waiters are friendly, even the lady in the toilet is friendly! Nice people... Our friend Ryan was so so drunk, he almost fell backwards again. I still remember when he was sitting on a chair that had no back support, I asked him... "hey you sure you wanna sit here?". He was like " yeah why?"... then I said... "careful ar... later you fall backwards." Nat and I burst laughing.

As the night went by, he kinda almost fell off the chair... hahaha... when he was at the open/smoking area i saw him hugging a pole like a koala hugging the tree. Ryan oh ryan, funniest guy when he's drunk. After club, as always we went for supper and then headed back to our friend's hotel to chill a bit.  
The effect of being drunk. 

Thanks Stefanie Aw for the roses! She gave all of us flowers. :) I like flower. 

Day 3

This time we did not go for hotel breakfast, instead we had street food! Danial, Ryan and I went out for some authentic Thai food... Street Pad Thai! 

It was so yummy and tasty, I miss it already. We then headed to Terminal 21 to do some shopping. Thankfully there was a free shuttle from our hotel to Terminal 21, vice versa every 10 to 15 minutes. This made traveling less worrisome and convenient.

I walked around to find slippers since mine broke and was not it, I too went missing... and lost Ryan and Danial. Ryan was the only one with roaming data so I was supposed to stick to him. I felt so lost, furthermore with no data or WiFi... But I decided to try my luck to see if I could connect to any Wi-Fi and I found out in Terminal 21, you can actually get WiFi password at the counter! All you need to do is provide your passport and they would give you the password. 

After buying my slippers and managed to connect to the Wi-Fi, I met up with Ryan and Danial at Urban Retreat for some pampering session, which was just across the road from Terminal 21. There was a promotion, so i took the 90 mins body scrub and aroma body massage for 1400 baht. 

Similarly like the previous massage, I fell asleep... so comfy <3. 

When night came, it was time get ready for Waterzonic 2015! This year Waterzonic took place at Rajamangala Stadium.

Pre-drinks at the hotel, in the van, and at Waterzonic Rave! The rave was amazing! I honestly can't remember the last time I went for a rave since Malaysia has banned it... (ish you). The moment we got in, the crowd was pumped up partying,  It felt so amazing that words cant describe.... I felt ALIVE! Dancing away even when I was sober. But of course there were Smirnoffs cocktails to keep us going. For some reason their cocktails are much more stronger as compared to Malaysia.

While we were raving, Ian carried Natalie up on his shoulder (you know the usual thing people do at raves). Then Ian asked if I wanted to sit on his neck. My eyes widened, mouth opened thinking... "Oh my gosh I've always wanted to do that, should i?". Well I went for it! It was so so amazing and fun. The best part and highlight of the night was when the water sprinklers went on! Thanks to the water you wont feel hot, and that kinda helped us all going throughout the night.

By the time it ended and travel time back to the office it was close to 5am! Super tiring, but a super amazing night, definitely a night to remember.

The next morning I managed to wake up for one last hotel breakfast. I'm surprised that I could even wake up, but for hotel breakfast sake.... :p. I was accompanied by Kok Wee, Ryan, and Danial, while the rest were still sound asleep.

Admiring the pool one last time before I left...

And some window selfie.

After checking out, we went to this Thai restaurant near by, walking distance... and headed to a cafe after called Karma Kamet Times. It was a pretty strange name but I like the ambiance and feel.

Coco with the Strawberry Ice Cream Cotton Candy. That's not the actual name but no idea what it's called haha... Some Iced Green Tea for refreshments. Nat and I went around snapping photos around the cafe, I've got to say, it's a nice place to take pictures. 

Did some last minute window shopping after while waiting for our flight time.

The unfortunate part was that our flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. But the best thing that happened was bumping into friends who we were supposed to meet up but didnt, Mel, Putera and Jeremy.

Nat and I were sitting at the airport waiting while suddenly we noticed this familiar face - Datin Mel Ong, walking towards us... she was supposed to meet up with us during this trip but i guess she was too busy with the Thai girls. We too bumped into Putera at the airport. 

Few minutes later there was an announcement saying that our flight has been delayed, sigh... typical Air Asia. But it's okay, because we ended up playing cards and drinking beer. That 2 hours did not feel that long, because of great company! :D

That's about it... the highlight of my first Bangkok trip. Will definitely want to come back here again next year (2016).

What do you like about Bangkok?

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