An Oriental Savouring Experience.

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To be frank, I'm not a very traditional or cultural person. I prefer the current modern lifestyle, and I am actually a little more western cultured. But no matter what I am still Asian and Chinese. So last week I got the opportunity to witness the Eastern culture, thanks to Silk Road. I have written a post about Silk Road, you may see it HERE.

I also managed to meet up with my old blogger friends. :)

Xiang, Samantha, Michele Samuel and Henry.

The decoration at the event really made me feel like i'm in China or something, it was very oriental and cultural feel which somewhat brought me back to my ancestors time for a bit. There was Rainbow Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony and more! For the Rainbow Calligraphy, I gave the artist my name as "Josarine" as it is a name that I created and represents me. Based on the calligraphy, I got these results... which pretty much represents who I am or want to be. 

Now lets get info Eastern Style Fine Dining. :) Each dish paired with a glass of whiskey on the rocks and Shuang Xi cigarettes, not forgetting the lighting colour to match the theme. 

Entree One: Scallop calamari, citrus mints and petals
A total sensorial experience that refreshes from smell to taste. 
Taste deliver: Aromatic, creamy & smooth.

Personally I do like this because I like scallop, and the mint leaves and other greens compliment the taste. Goes well with the Shuang Xi cigarette in Blue.

Entree Two: Green tea salmon 40 degree, smoked cucumber, textures of potato and green beurre Blanc.
A fresh and delicate experience that is balanced.
Taste delivery: Refreshing, fragrant & floral

Who can say no to Salmon? Not me! I heart Salmon, I can eat it few times a week. The way this Salmon was cooked was careful as the outside was cooked but inside still raw. If I was given this dish again I would be happy to have them. This dish goes well the Shuang Xi's Green cigarette. Take a puff of the Green ciggy and then eat the salmon to have the "smoked salmon" experience.

Plat Principal: Cordyceps chicken on chlorophyll carpet, porcini mushrooms and pates de riz.
A balanced, crisp offer with a clean after taste that lingers on the palate. 
Taste delivery: Woody, bittersweet. 

I was very happy with the dish choices to be honest. Salmon & chicken breast? My all time favourite! Not forgetting low in calories, high in protein. This dish was like chicken rice fusion style. They would pour soup into the dish to eat together with the chicken and the rice pasta. One of my favourite ingredient in this dish is truffle! :) This dish was well paired with Shuang Xi Yellow.

Now it's time for dessert.
Dessert: Plum, chocolate and basil.
I'm not much of a dessert person, but I could not say no to this. Inside the white chocolate is cream cheese! <3. I didn't finish the dessert due to weight conscious reasons, but my favourite is the cheese. :)

The chefs that took effort and dedication to create these wonderful dishes.

As we were savouring the oriental dishes, we were accompanied with a talented girl. Her singing really made me feel like back into olden days, during Ip Man time (big fan of Ip Man here :p).

With my babe Sandy.

Group photo! :)

I would like to thank Silk Road for giving me the opportunity to witness such oriental and cultural fine dining delicacy and experience. :)

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  1. Wow, the scallop calamari looks so delicious, wish to try it.
    dessert also looks high class.

  2. super love the rainbow's beautiful..and so are you.. ^^

    1. Right?! I thought it was really artistic and personalized since it's designed based on the meaning of your name. :)


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