The Influence of Chinese Martial Arts

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As most of us know, back in the day Asian and Western people did not get along. Western people used to look down on Asian people more back then and both have different beliefs, cultures, interests…. For example, martial arts; Western martial arts like kick-boxing, wrestling, fencing, to name a few. On the other hand, Eastern martial arts are karate, wing chun, tae kwon do, kung fu and more.

Question, how did Western people know about Eastern Martial Arts? Social Media? Can Social Media really create such a huge impact to inspire and influence people to take up Eastern Martial Arts?

Eastern Martial Arts have made an impact and inspired many people many years ago. Role models and inspirations to name a few, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Donnie Yen (Ip Man).

I'm sure most of you already know who Bruce Lee is and what he has done with his 32 years of life. Most people would know him as a martial artist who enhanced Wing Chun that he learnt from Yip Man, and called it "Jeet Kune Do".

Such a handsome fella Bruce, :p.

It was not only his martial arts skill and physical prowess that gained the attention of the world, but also his writing, choreographing, and being a revolutionary thinker. 

Bruce was always into self-discovery, his truthfully expressing yourself and functionality over blind dedication tradition still resonates as strongly today as it did in the 60's and 70's. Here are some of his popular quotes, and quotes I love ;)

Bruce's hard work, skills, dedication and bravery have brought him to where he was. Due Bruce Lee made a name in Hollywood, it was easy for him to introduce Eastern culture to the world. 

Another person who made it to Hollywood and continued the legacy of Eastern martial arts is Jackie Chan. It is amazing and inspiring to see a real person doing real stunts in movies instead of "camera tricks" - what it's called back then. There are so many crazy and amazing stunts that he has done in movies that you have to go watch them for yourself. :) It was skilful, amazing, while funny at the same time as he added comedic elements into his movies.  

Since the movie "Ip Man" acted by Donnie Yen was released, many people, including the Western people gained interest to learn Wing Chun. It's not only because Ip Man was an awesome movie but it's also because the movie was based on a true story, a real person that existed in the past.

Amazing how Eastern martial arts have influenced the world by these role models, creating opportunity for the world to see Asian cultures. With that being said, let me introduce Silk Road to you.

Silk Road is an ancient network of trade routes for cultural interaction through regions of Asia. It connected the East Asia to the wide world trading luxurious goods, culture, and knowledge. The name Silk Road came from the lucrative trade in Chinese silk during the Han dynasty (207 BC – 220 AD). Silk Road is a platform that represents a journey of discovering the unknown and enrichment of self. A platform to showcase the opulent and contemporary culture of the orient.

The brand values are oriental inspired, exploratory spirit, contemporary perspective and culture appreciation.

In this blog post I talked about culture appreciation, of how the experiences of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, and even Yip Man (who was mentioned in this blog post) opened the eyes of the world in terms of martial arts. How the world, since their time up till today, still remember and appreciate their achievements, values and culture. 


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