I Have Found My Go-To Dentist. :)

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Who here dislikes going to the dentist? It's okay, I dislike too. If I have to go to the dentist it means something is wrong somewhere, except for check ups of course :).

Recently I was introduced to KL City Dentists by a good friend of mine and so happen I wanted to change a filling on my front tooth that the previous dentist screwed up... so why not right? When it comes to dentists, it's better and more trustworthy when it's recommended by friends. :)

So here I was at KL City Dentists, located at:

7-03 Level 7, Menara HSC,
Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,

Book for an appointment at: +60 3-2181 5792

Here's a few pictures of the overview of the place. :)

Certificates of the Doctors. 

In this blog post, i'm going to share my experience from the moment I step into the dentist clinic and the whole process in honesty:

First thing, the parking and lobby access is convenient. The parking lot is not super big where you can get lost, and I kinda like that. So far I've been there twice for my treatment and I had no issue finding a parking spot on a weekend. Parking rate is pretty decent if you are just going for treatment and leave after.

I actually kinda like the overall look and feel of the clinic. I felt comfortable and relaxed even while waiting for the doctor. The concept was kind of 'home feel'. There's a sofa lounge with Disney movies playing on screen. Hey I know I'm an adult, but no matter how old we are, we can't run away from our Disney childhood memories. The receptionist is really friendly as well, I had a conversation with her about CNY plans, shopping and what not. :)

The treatment room
Although the treatment room is not where I work, but it is where I get my treatment done. I really like Dr. Mong's office. From where I was seated, in front of me was a huge window scenery which i really liked and it kinda calms me too. Basically it reminded me of a Korean style kind of office... hehehe...

And there we have Dr. Mong who assisted me in my treatment. :D

So far I have to say, he's the only dentist I've ever felt so safe with. When I went for my first treatment, he would tell me in advance that he's reading the codes to his nurse assistant so that I won't feel confused. Basically based on both of my experiences, I felt really safe with him. Although I did doubt a little with my front tooth because I've had fillings on them since young, but he made my 2 front tooth better looking than ever before!

Here are some pictures... to be honest i'm actually ashamed to share this... but what the heck!

I had that yellow stain in the before photo when I changed my filling in another dentist place. I had no idea why it turned out like that and yes I was frustrated. But according to Dr. Mong, he said it's due to the oxidation between the saliva and the filling. Which means the teeth was not completely dry before the dentist applied the new filling on top. Tsk tsk tsk. Dr. Mong also did scaling and polishing for my teeth. 

I've never been more surprised and satisfied with the results... thank you Dr. Mong! Looks like I've found my go-to dentist for check ups from now on... cause honestly I was looking for one to stick with. :)

Now I smile more confidently and happily... :D. Don't believe  me? Here's two videos I took on my snapchat, where i smiled happily and confidently... honestly i've never been happier with my teeth now.

This dentist does everything but braces, if you are thinking of going for your yearly check up, or want to make your teeth look prettier, you may give them a call and look for Dr. Mong. He has special gentle hands that made everything feel okay and safe for me. :) 

So yes if you are looking for a dentist to go to, I recommend Dr. Mong from KL City Dentists. :)

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  1. I actually don't dread going to the dentist! I have never had an unpleasant visit in all of the years I have been a patient. I still have my veneers the dentist Manhattan Beach did for me several years ago and they still look great!

    1. But the process, and the pain.... well if there's any pain.

  2. He hid his face under a blanket as he arrived at the court on Tuesday dental implants

  3. This was the BEST dentist visit I have ever had. All of the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I will and have reccommended this office to friends and family.dental implant Brentwood Village


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