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Hello all, today is time to talk about some beauty products. Most of my friends would know that I’m a vain pot, and I often need to look presentable whenever I go out. Even if I’m going to wear shorts and slippers, I make sure I have minimal make up on (eyebrow, concealer, blusher) and make sure my hair looks fine. 

Did you know that the health of your hair affects your age appearance? When a person has healthier looking hair, they generally look younger!

For those of you who have nice and healthy hair, I’m sure your girlfriends and even guy friends would complement you on it. I used to have nice hair and I used to get such compliments, but… excessive hair colouring has officially damaged my hair. It is so bad to an extent where I want to dye my hair Black so I don’t have to dye every 1.5 months. Not only that, it tangles up so badly! L

My hair cuticles are so thin and fine now and cause of that it gets tangled easily. When I say tangled, I really mean tangled and sometimes it takes me a while before I can comb away the tangles. I’ve tried a number of shampoos, whether from pharmacy or salon brand, over all the satisfaction is just so-so.

So I was introduced Moist Diane and knowing what it can do for my hair I was excited to give it a try. The hair care range in this picture is suitable for all hair types, especially those with dull and lifeless hair a.k.a my hair.

What Moist Diane claims to do is:
1.      Restore dull and lifeless hair 
2.      Promotes shine for healthy looking locks
3.      Detangles hair and prevent tangles – my main issue now
4.      Moisturises and repair damaged hair.

So what are the active ingredients that made this shampoo effective?
1.      Mash-structured ingredients: Potato, Fenugreek Seeds, and Carob seed.
2.      Platinum Fiber Technology – which repairs damaged hair by coating each strand and gives a smoother looking hair.
3.      Nano Platinum Booster Technology – increases hair shine and allows deep penetration of Nano particles for hair repairing and moisturizing.
4.      8 types of oils and 3 fruit extracts:
a.      Moroccan Argan Oil
b.      Baobab Oil
c.      Virgin Coconut Oil
d.      Marula Oil
e.      Andiroba Oil
f.       Lupine Oil
g.      Virgin Plum Oil
h.      Mango Seeds Oil
i.       Lime Pearl Extract
j.       Superox-C
k.      Dragon Fruit Extract

My Experience
Before I share my experience with you, just want to let you know that my current hair condition is super tangled dried ends with oily scalp, which means I have to wash my hair daily. Washing my hair daily although it cleanses my scalp but it is very damaging to my ends.

So what do I think of Moist Diane Extra Shine Shampoo & Conditioner?

When I apply the shampoo on my hair, it lathers up easily to foam and the first thing I noticed was how amazing it smells! I am in love with the scent. It’s like a refreshing and feminine scent. Secondly I noticed during shampooing it does not immediately untangle my hair. BUT having said that, it may not be a bad thing after all. The reason why some shampoos immediately detangles your hair while shampooing is usually because the shampoo contains silicone, and silicones are bad for your hair in the long run.

It’s easy to apply and I do not have to apply a lot of like my other conditioners. It does not untangle immediately during application, but when you rinse, that’s when the magic happens.

Hair Mask
The hair mask texture is so thick and when I apply I could just imagine all the good stuff being absorb by my hair. Similar to the conditioner, my hair did not untangle during the application process (no silicone), but when I rinse my hair felt really soft! I was even surprised that I didn’t have to use leave-in hair conditioner to untangle my hair. My hair felt amazingly soft and smooth after.

My criteria for a good hair care set check list:
1.      Lather to foams easily – CHECK
2.      Scent – CHECK – PS I love love love the scent!
3.      Light weight feel – CHECK
4.      Smoothen and untangles hair – CHECK
5.      Gives the moisture my hair needs - CHECK

Take a look at my video, I’m glad I can finally comb through my hair without having tangles. Seriously that’s really annoying, you have no idea.

I look forward to my hair being smoother and more moisturized the more I use it. Overall I’d give this hair care range a 7/10. The price range for Moist Diane hair care products are between RM31.90 to RM32.90.

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